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Man, this sucks. They could've played one-man show Cleveland, and instead they're facing Detroit.
I just hope they win those 2 remaining games to get to the playoffs with a winning mindset.

Two observations.

First, I hope Mo can right the ship on the way into the playoffs. Say what you will about momentum as a real/fake thing, but these last two losses have to shake the confidence of a team that had been playing some fantastic basketball over the past few months.

Second, I turned the game on when it was 91-91... so just in time for the Wizards 18-2 run to the finish the game. The D was disappointing down the stretch, but you almost have to think it was one of those one-off games that isn't likely to happen again: the Sixers couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, while Arenas was chucking 35 footers that went down.

The Wizards did to the Sixers what the Sixers have done to everyone since February in the fourth quarter. It was very disappointing to see, and hopefully not a sign of what's to come in the playoffs.

They need to get back to being the aggressors. Two games in a row they've let teams dictate terms to them, that's not how they've been playing. It has to start with Cleveland tomorrow.

Nice call on the Wizards slipping to 7th, while Arenas "knocks off the rust." good luck against the Pistons.

I'm sure there are more outrageous predictions you could pull out of my archives (like the Bulls winning the East), this one I'm not really ashamed of. If the Sixers don't collapse in the 4th quarter last night it comes true. Good luck in the playoffs.

if we do end up playing detroit which looks probable, i really hope Mo uses the lineup of dalembert evans young iggy at the 2 and miller, the starting lineup when we were without willie. That lineup really causes matchup problems for detroit because whoever rip hamilton is guarding is going to have a field day on him. iguodala will overpower him and if they try to play him on thad he'll just post him up. plus evans can outrebound mcdyss and im pretty confident in dalembert's ability to cover rasheed and dre miller can hold his own against billups. Hopefully they'll get these last 2 and get there groove back but the best sign of the past two games is that thad has looked better then ever with that jump shot.

Andres reply to Steve on Apr 13 at 20:34

Just an observation about your post, what happens if Sheed starts taking 3's/long shots? You know he will, and that could be a problem, IMO. Dalmebert can cover him, but if he leaves the paint, then that makes the team seriously lacking a shot blocker inside.
I hope that if this happens, everyone step up defensively and help each other.

I can live with Dalembert following Sheed out to the perimeter. I think the rest of the team is able to man up on their guys. On offense, Iguodala at the 2 is a HUGE advantage in the half court, and I think Detroit would be forced to limit Rip Hamilton's minutes if Mo actually takes advantage. Of course, if Detroit doubles, someone is going to have to knock down an open jumper. My money is on Thad at this point.

Just put Thad on Sheed outside the paint. I think a 3-2 style zone would work best against Detroit.

I don't like the zone against a team with 4 guys who can knock down threes on the court. Especially with Reggie and Sammy on the floor. They aren't exactly good at closing out on shooters when the ball swings from side to side. I say you pressure the ball, make detroit get into their half court with 10-15 seconds left on the clock and play tight man to man.

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