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So, if you're Lebron and you start crying, they make up new rules for you?!? W. T. F.

I've never been in more disbelief at the ending of a game. I just can't believe that happened.

Joe reply to Will on Apr 14 at 21:55

I have yet to utter a word or so much as stand up. Disbelief

I'm trying to type the rest of this post but I just can't. I'll be back later, as soon as I can convince myself that didn't just happen.

Max reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:03

oh it happened alright, Tim Donaghy couldn't have done it better.

That was the biggest disgrace to basketball I have EVER seen! The refs should be publicly flogged over this!!!!!!!!! Stoned even. This is why I hate the NBA sometimes. Absolutely bush league.

I don't even know where to begin I am so livid. 99.99999999999999999 percent of games that end on last second shots are never decided by fouls on a FOLLOW SHOT. If fact, I have never seen it before. They blocked Lebron clean on the first shot, end of game, let em play from then on is usually the unwritten rule. So let's say they saw a foul, they didn't call the foul on dalembert until 2 seconds AFTER THE END OF THE GAME. The replay clearly shows this. NOT ONLY THAT. But Dalembert was pushed by Ilgauskus after he was prone from blocking james. Look at it - it happened. It's so sneaky it would have been easy to miss this while watching the play but he does it and it's downright criminal so if anyone should have gotten a foul it's Ilgauskus (loose ball away from the play). So a ref makes a mistake then looks at the replay and there is a rule that they have to see if their MISTAKE occured before the end of the game. EXCUSE ME WHILE I VOMIT ON MY KEYBOARD. HALLELUAH, HOLY S*%^!!!

I just keep sitting here saying "bullshit" over and over again. We won the game, and then they gave the Cavs extra credit, bullshit. I just can't believe that some of those dollar hot dogs weren't flying down from the rafters; I know I would have done it.

If something like this happens in the playoffs the Wach will be torn to the ground, and rightly so.

OK, I'm done blowing chunks. Robbery doesn't even begin to describe what happened. The sixers deserved better. This is the icing on the cake - are the sixers ever going to get respect?

You know, I thought they got hosed on a bunch of calls throughout the night, but come on. How badly can the NBA want LeBron to win? What gives here?

This game was in Philly, if anything the calls should've gone their way.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:05

exactly. It was in Philly. What the hell.

All I could think the whole time was that if Mo Cheeks refused to go back on the court I would somehow respect him even more.

I'd love to have audio of the refs conference when they were watching the replay,

"How can we give this one to LeBron?"
"How much money did you have riding on this game?"
"Stern said the Cavs have to clinch home-court, right? He needs LeBron vs. Boston in the second round."

If I had any hair, I'd be pulling it out right now.

Max reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:21

Yup, this is key. The end wasn't the only questionable call of the night against the sixers. The refs absolutely played favorites. It's a shame - the young guys deserve better. If this is a precursor of how they are going to do the sixers in the playoffs there will be a riot down at the stadium. Count on it.

On fan appreciation night!

Insult to injury.

Dude, they were just grusomely sodomized basically. Miller was kicking the ball and throwing things he was so mad. I think they all had Brian's reaction though. They just couldn't believe what was happening.

Agreed, I would have held the players back in protest consequences be damned.

How many people do you think are in the parking lot waiting for the refs right now?

Max reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 22:11

Many of our brethren, I don't think the refs realize the gravity of the situation. They looked visibly worried after they realized what they did.

I don't think I've ever been this angry for my sports teams. Not even in the 2001 finals when I had to suffer through hours of Kobe commercials.

Ike Reese going wild on wip


I love it, "Sammy blocks Prince James shot!" He sounds like he's about to start swearing.

Max reply to Joe on Apr 14 at 22:16

They played the end of the game on replay...during the update. Is there a full moon?

Joe reply to Joe on Apr 14 at 22:19

broken actually nvm. You can delete that Brian.

It's working. The confetti raining down the court is the ultimate slap in the face.

Joe reply to Joe on Apr 14 at 22:21

might work. Glitchy.

Thanks Joe, did you see the celebrating at the end. They really needed this game, damn it.

I admire it if you manage to write a recap. I am not sure I could. I can't look at the positives. Not right now.

Brian, I don't think your handle has ever been more apropos. I'm taking 4 Ambiens with a shot of Vermouth and hopefully I can sleep this off.

I honestly don't think I am going to be able to let this go. It's just such a letdown feeling right now. Lou was AMAZING, I still can't get over those shots he put in. Then to have this happen?...... It's gona be a rough nights sleep.

Joe reply to Josh on Apr 14 at 22:41

I am gonna try to put this one behind me for a moment.

Lou was great. What I thought was particularly great was how he scored. He took body contact and squared back up and made his shots. It was great.

Lou didn't do that stupid side to side move with a jump shot with someone in his face.

Thad played great. On one particular exchange Varejo got an offensive board. Thad was pissed so he pushed him down.(no call/flop) 15 seconds later Thad jumped the passing lane and stole the ball for an easy dunk. Was great. I loved the intensity from Thad on that one.

Josh reply to Joe on Apr 14 at 23:03

Yea without Thad that comeback doesn't happen; he just kept on making plays that made me jump off my couch. Love that kid.

Another thing was that big z blatantly bushed dalembert into devin brown which caused the "foul". that has to be the worst call in the nba in years including donaghy. Lebron also took three steps to get to the rim, and as soon as he screams the refs blow the whistle. It was rediculous how obvious it was that the nba needed lebron. that is why im happy the sixers didnt get the 5 seed because ther is no way in hell that lebron is losing in the first round.

Excellent point. Enjoy the refs, Washington.

You know, if Cleveland loses this game, I bet they lose home-court. Detroit would've played to win in the last game of the season. I didn't realize they didn't have a gimme for the last game.

The NBA, where fixed games happen.

Wow, that's ridiculous. I think this is bad karma for the Cavs - I know I'll be rooting against them in the playoffs after watching this game.

In all seriousness - no joke - I watched the end of the game on NBA League Pass. I was sure it was over, and was laughing at the annoying Cavs homer announcers (are the Knicks and the Nets the only teams in the NBA without annoying homer announcers?) who were arguing that James was fouled. It was a clean (and great) block by Iggy.

After 10 seconds, I switched over to another game. I had no idea what had happened until I read this post just now.

What is going on if you can't turn off a basketball game 20 seconds after it's ended?!?

I actually paused the game after the confetti came down to talk to my wife for a couple of minutes, when I took it off pause I was just watching to see if they interviewed Thad or Lou Williams in the post game and then all hell broke loose.


I just got home from the game. That was a great game and I got my money's worth up until the last .02 of a second left. That was some complete BULL. I have the video up on my blog.

How many damn steps did LeBron take on that last play?

Damn it's been hours but I still can't get over it.

That's unbelievable. I've never seen anything like that. That's embarrassing for the NBA. I couldn't move until 20 minutes after the game. I don't know how long I was watching the "Good Night" with the terrible music on League Pass.

1) Lebron took 4 steps but it is the NBA
2) Lebron used his off-hand but it is Lebron and he has it like that I guess
3)Big Z shoved Sam in mid-air causing his momentum into Devin Brown.
4)I couldn't hear the whistle (nobody in the frickin gym could) but the ref raised his hand after the red lights came on. Right after that he signaled game over. The Sixers didn't run into the locker spontaneously, they were told the game was over.

Referees-- #57 Greg Willard , #18 Mark Wunderlich , #73 Ed Malloy

Remember those names.

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