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The Greek on Apr 15 at 8:36

Brian, I thing that weare the only 2 pople in the world, or in new jersey, or at least that I know who root for both the sixers and ynaks. Did you see that Brett Gardner started in LF yesterday? Hopefully he will be coming up soon. Also, Alberto G should never be sent back to the minors ever again. Do you agree? Betemit's in a lot of trouble.

I definitely like the way Gonzalez has been playing. I think the Yanks really like Betemit for the "pop" in his bat, but he hasn't really shown anything since coming to NY. I'd take the better glove as my util guy.

I'd love to see Brett Gardner on the team soon. I don't know how they'd do it. It would probably mean Matsui or Damon at first, the other to DH and Giambi to the bench. Fine by me. Jorge has to get back to catching before you can do that, though.

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