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i was thinking that same thing last night actually after a few minutes of cussing i turned to my dad and said this is the best thing that can happen. It was so obivous that they lost the chip on their shoulder the past couple games and your exactly right this is just the thing to get it back. Iguodala specifically though i really think he took it as disrespect from listening to him aafter the game. Can't wait for the playoffs when we shock the world.

We need Iguodala to show up an lead this team when the playoffs start. I think he's up to it. I think our ace in the hole is Sammy. He was awesome in his one playoff appearance, against the Pistons, and he's really been great in just about every big game we've had this year.

Sammy probably got that huge contract based on that series alone (courtesy of Billy King and his high standards). He dominated the boards against Ben Wallace and I expect him to do the same against a lesser Pistons Front-court without Big Ben. Rasheed isn't the banger, neither his Mcdyess. Theo Ratliff is slow and won't be able to keep up with Sam. The only guy I'm worried about is Jason Maxiell who is a beast.

Just like all of commentators on NBA TV and ESPN, I like the Pistons match-up the more I think about it. We played well against them all year and Dwight Howard would have just dominated Sam every possesion had we pulled the 6th spot. Then double-teams would lead to open threes by great shooters (Hedo and Rashard).

We are pretty evenly matched with Detroit, except we have the front-court advantage on the boards and they have a SG edge. There's a chance this goes 7 games.

I hope this happens; there are two ways to respond to a loss like that. I hope they pick the one you described. It'll make for a fun series.

I don't think this is the type of team that's going to crumble from something like this. It's going to light a fire under them, and I can only hope that fire stays lit right through Detroit.

There's nothing I would enjoy more than seeing the Sixers send Tayshaun and Wallace home for the Summer. I hate those guys.

Hopefully they can harness a bit of my anger as well. It's 19 hours or so since that calamity went down and I'm still as pissed as I was last night.

I've been wondering when a national media outlet is going to say something about the game being fixed, or at least hint at it. Nothing yet. All I've heard is "There was contact, you have to call the foul." Nothing about "LeBron took 4 steps you have to call the travel," or "Ilgauskus pushed Dalembert into him, you have to call the foul on Ilgauskus." It's the end of the game you let the players decide it. You don't call the travel on LeBron, you don't call the push on Ilgauskus and you don't call the incidental contact on Dalembert. The game ends. Period.

Man, I am still pissed about this. I wish they were playing tonight.

PhillyGoose reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 20:31

Yea it really is just a continuing disrespect of this team. I kept an eye out all day, only to hear that there was "controversy" at the end of them game. Well thanks for that. I hope the Sixers take this real serious and they go for their revenge.

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