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I don't like it at all. Why bring in a similar style player as the superstar you traded away? Oh, and Iverson is better than Davis at that. Go after a power forward if you can't get one stay young at the point guard draft one.

Davis and Iverson are similar, but I think Davis is much better at running a team's offense than Iverson. He's also a much better defender. Iverson's shooting numbers are better this year, but haven't always been.

I don't know. If they can't land the PF they need, or Mike Miller, I don't think this is such a bad move. Think of Davis as Andre Miller with more range and explosiveness. I might be OK w/ the move.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 17:54

Davis has no midrange game though, which is Miller's bread and butter.

No please no.

Am I the only person who does not like Baron Davis' game? Yes he can score and distribute but this season he shot 42.7% from the field and 32.7% from 3-point range. His shot selection is more than dodgy.

I can't see how he could be much of an upgrade over Andre Miller. Miller has been sensational with what he is doing with this team. He is showing the young kids how to play in control. He creates opportunities for them, scoring when he needs to. Davis takes more shots than Miller and shoots a lower percentage.

I think the players love playing with Miller and they've done so well this season that I fear that such a move would hurt the team's chemistry.

I would prefer if the Sixers focus on getting a scoring big man.

I'd prefer the PF or SG upgrade as well, but I think they'd be a more potent half-court team with Baron on the floor. He's a leader also.

I think the number of shots and the percentage is a product of Nellie-Ball.

Looking at his career numbers, though, you definitely have a point. Maybe it's just my perception of the kind of player he is, which is admittedly based on a limited number of times seeing him play.

It seems like the guy is injured every other year. He jacks up ill-advised shots 2 feet behind the 3-point line and he isn't going to help this team anymore than Andre Miller can. Sure he can score but Louis Williams ain't half bad at scoring either. I'll take our current 2-headed PG monster. Iverson might be a better passer than B-Diddy.

We are on the brink of contending and I don't want Ed to make any moves that doesn't get us over the top or at least win a playoff series next year. I'm not sure Baron does that.

Not a fan. Just about 30. His knees are about 40. He has been healthy one season in the last 6.

I think Miller is a better overall Point Guard and has more gas in the tank.

I also think Lou is looking more and more like a future starting PG in this league.

I would like to see the Sixers stay the course more and more. If they stay the course, they will have something like 6 million in cap room following next season and that is more than enough to lock him up.

A crazy move I have seen in some forums would be to swap Willie Green for Larry Hughes and a good young player(Tyrus or Thabo). Sixers give away a future first round pick as well.(Utah's pick)

The Bulls do it so they avoid the Luxury Tax and can afford to lock up some of those good young players.(Deng, Gordon)

The Sixers get another "piece" to add into the equation. Following a season of monitoring all this talent, the Sixers can decide where their biggest need is and use Larry's expiring contract to get it done.

I certainly like the deal for the Sixers.

First of all, if the player is Tyrus Thomas the answer is absolutely no. Bad attitude, bad work ethic and apparently a cancer, if the Bulls are any indication. Now, if it's Thabo, then maybe, but if you do this deal, you have to buy out Hughes immediately. He is nothing more than a more expensive Willie Green.

Check that, my answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Hughes is signed through '09-'10 and his cap number is ridiculous. The Sixers don't get better through this move unless Thabo really pans out, and they completely ruin their cap space for the next two seasons.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 18:08

He kills your cap space for one season. After 08-09, he has one more year left on his deal, so you use his contract at this time to get a player you want via trade.

After next season, the Sixers would know whether or not they have their answers at the 1 and the 4 and if they don't at the 4, they use Larrys contract to get a deal done.

Eh. I think you can find a useful player with a better contract to bring in here rather than Hughes. He brings absolutely nothing to the table, I'd rather stand pat than bring him in. Getting rid of Willie is a priority, but this is a step backwards. Willie's contract is bad, but it's only $3M/year. Hughes would be impossible to move during the year next season, if you need to go out and get a piece. He'd be dead weight on this team, and if he actually saw the floor all he'd do is play no D and huck up bad shots. Willie Green for $9M more a year.

Tyrus is siiiick.

So would you include him a deal if it meant you could dump Hughes' salary on someone else?

Oh yeah, I let you down in that contest, 2nd round upset!

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 0:55

I have to agree with you here Brian, Larry Hughes' contract is one of the worst in the NBA. I won't get locked up with that contract to get Tyrus Thomas.

I don't like Davis for the money you will pay him; he has talent but he's played best when he wants money. Vince-esque qualities. So if you sign and trade him, he'll miss games (bank on it), force more shots than Miller, pass less, and turtle up when you need him most. Plus, he'll hinder Thad's development more so than having Miller man the point for another season.

The sixers would be wise not to force talent like this onto the roster. Their patience will be rewarded eventually.

i don't like baron davis.

no Baron Davis, please... go get Josh Smith or Elton Brand

Miller is having the best year in his career, he's solid, never hurt (knock on woods) and leads the team well. I think in his tank he has 2-3 more years at this level or close. Also his 10 mill expiring would be a great asset next season, in case

Again, say NO to Baron Davis, thanks

Right, I brought it up, but I don't think it's a good idea. Volume shooter who can't really shoot, iffy personality.

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