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Yes, Kevin Youkilis makes me nuts too....

You forgot to mention that part of the fun included the A-Rod homer that put him ahead of Ted Williams and Willy McCovey in the all time home standings. Lets hope A-Rod stays healthy and break Loser Barry Bonds record.

You know, with the way that ball left A-Rod's bat if anyone else hit it I would've thought it was a routine fly ball to left. It just amazes how much distance he gets. That was an absolute bomb.

1st manny at bat - homer. harold moskowitz said "there's no way to pitch manny." really? how about under the chin and not an 85 mph fastball that splits the plate.

His second at bat was the same pitch, same result. I still think they should've hit Manny as retaliation for A-Rod last night. I'd love to know why they haven't.

Pitching Manny - we need an RHP with a screwball. No one throws a scroogie anymore.

Youkilis - his skull is huge...if he wasn't a .211 hitter the steroid accusations would have started much earlier.

Isn't Timlin creepy....? Looks like my neighbor's landscaper....

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