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I agree with making this lineup change, but we both know that it won't happen. Mo has an allegiance to Willie, and will not start Thad in the playoffs. I wish though.

We should organize a protest for before game 3 if Willie starts the first two.

Chris reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 15:07

One thing that has happened in the Sixers favor at the end of the year is Cheeks let Thad take some more shots. We are seeing if he gets the shots he can score on anyone, period. This will force the Piston's to guard him even more assuming Cheeks gives him more minutes. I'm biased but I think if Cheeks unleashed him more to shoot like Durant or Thornton, we'd have the rookie of the year.

As it is, Thad came in 3rd in adjusted +/- in the entire league.

And Thorpe, just today, rated him the 4th rookie and said he'll probably be second (or third) in this rookie class.


The only thing that I don't like about that lineup is that Reggie is starting; I would like to see him coming off of the bench to match up with Maxiell's minutes. That guy has energy and it would be great to see him and Reggie going at it. I have a feeling that Jason Smith would get eaten alive by Maxiell.
As for the rest of the pistons bench, eh I'm not impressed. Sure Stuckey has been playing great but I really think that the Sixers bench is better with Lou, Carney, and Smith. Especially Lou, the end of that Cavs game showed what Lou can do.

Alvin reply to JoshG on Apr 17 at 12:14

I'm sorry dude but I'd definitely rather have the Pistons' bench. Ratliff, Maxiell, Juan Dixon and Jarvis Hayes just to name a few. Lou and Carney aren't consistent enough and Amir Johnson plays so much tougher than Jason Smith

I like Maxiell a lot. The best thing about their bench is that they have a bunch of guys who fit a certain needs. Ratliff and Amir Johnson block shots, Juan Dixon scores, etc. They also have a ton of one-dimensional players off the bench.

They go much deeper than the Sixers. One advantage the Sixers have is that Lou and Thad are basically starters, and they've seen important minutes in big games all year long.

Overall, advantage goes to the Pistons though.

Good point, but it seems unlikely to happen. And even if it does, I don't know if Thad is polished enough to take advantage of Rip in the post. He'll still have to get around the Pistons' help defense, too, which isn't great, but solid (Maxiell in particular could help block or double Thad, especially since Reggie Evans isn't an offensive threat).

Thad's post game is actually very polished. If he has that big of a size mismatch he's going to exploit it. I don't really think the Pistons could put Rip on him. I think they'd be forced into playing Prince on Thad and Rip on Iguodala, which is still a huge mismatch.

Also, the Sixers used this lineup against the Pistons already once this year, and beat them in Detroit.

Maybe Mo will come out and surprise us hes been deciding the startign linuep on matchups with thad and evans all year why should willie be excempt from coming off the bench? either way i dont see willie playing more than 20-25 minutes tops.

Honestly, I might trim the rotation to 8 with the starting lineup I asked for above and Lou, Carney and Smith off the bench. You go 9 deep for Willie only if you desperately need instant offense in a particular situation. 0% chance that happens, but it's what I would do.

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