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No disrespect to the Sixers, because they are a sound squad, but the Pistons just take it to another level in the playoffs. One or two wins in this series would be nice work heading into next season.

I wonder how many people said something similar to that when the Pistons played the LeBrons last year in the playoffs.

The difference is that the Cavs have the most dominating player in the league on their team. Plus, Cleveland already had playoff experience. The Sixers, although a good team, have neither.

All I know is, the pistons better not take the sixers lightly. 5 years ago it was the sixers who were the "experienced" team that wouldn't lose and Detroit the up and comers. So the shoe could easily be on the other foot here.

If the Sixers win it's probably going to be because of their lack of experience, not despite it. It'll be because they ran and ran and ran some more.

I just think that those writers dont spend enough time watching the sixers games i think they just look at box scores and maybe flip to a game i think they underestimate the heart and fight this team has. I actually think they can win the series someone has to end the pistons great run why not the sixers?

The Detroit run was stopped by LeBron last year. In fact they only won a single championship that doesn't really constitute a run because no one plays for Conference Finals appearances. I agree with Jack. The writers are doing what they are suppose to do, pick the favorite vs. a team with no dominant go-to player who can sway the series in favor of the underdog. When you factor in how the games slow down and are more half-court dominant the Sixer have to play near flawless basketball to win 4 out of 7. Impossible, of course not but I don't think anyone would bet money on it either. Right?

Depending on the odds, I probably would. I'm a sucker when it comes to the teams I root for.

I don't think it's disrespectful at all. Should one of them pick us just to balance things out? The fact is, a Sixers series win isn't impossible, there's probably an 8-10% chance, but you'd be crazy to actually pick us. Frankly, I think it's already pretty respectful that not a single one of them predicted a sweep.

Fair point. Still bulletin board material if I'm the coach, though. Yet again, no one thinks you guys have a chance, etc.

I don't think the players really need any more motivation. It's more of their actual performance that I'll worry about.

Dalembert has been in the league so long with only one playoff series so definitely he should be pumped up. Ditto for Iguodala. I mean, the playoffs is just the beginning of the dream of the NBA title. If these players never dreamed of winning the NBA title they have no business playing for the Sixers or any other team.

I expect Mo to tell the players to run like they have never run before. I bet they will, too. That's about all the expectations I can have. This team lacks half-court offense, a solid PF and an outside shooter but I'm glad there is never a lack of effort.

I can foresee Williams, Carney, Smith and even Young making a lot of mistakes. It's their first playoff experience after all. But I look forward to seeing how Miller copes with it all. He is the veteran so it will be interesting what effect he can have on the kids.

If Mo starts Thad, Dalembert rebounds like he did in the 04-05 series and Iguodala finds a way to score efficiently, we may push it to a sixth or perhaps, dare I say, seventh game.

If you asked me two weeks ago I would've absolutely predicted a Sixers upset in the first round against anyone but the Celtics. Now I need to see them get back the sense of urgency and the sense that they belong in game one or game two. I'm not making a prediction, but I will say this, if they go back to Philly either even or up they have a legit shot.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 20:23

In other words, Detroit in six.

I can't bring myself to say that. I think they have a 30% chance at winning the series.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 22:32

Which means if you were forced to pick you'd say Detroit in six. That's logical, isn't it? Say a team has a 45% chance to win the series. The pick there is probably that they'll lose in seven. 30%, you're most likely losing in six. 0% (Hawks-Celtics), that's probably a sweep. On a non-related note, one thing that surprises me is all the people picking Dallas over the Hornets. Dallas is worse this year, the Hornets are way better than the Warriors, the Hornets are a really good team... but they're going to lose because they're so young and Dirk is so tested. I certainly don't see it.

Brian I wonder if my 31 W prediction counts for an "expert" opinion, LOL

Speaking about BS said before the season, how about this one by the same Chris Sheridan?


Excerpt: "Philadelphia is one of the most popular picks to finish with the NBA's worst record"...


(I say Pistons in five but don't tell anyone)

Some of those predictions are a bit brutal! But, I have to pick on Jemele Hill, she is BY FAR, the worst "journalist" that ESPN has. I'm actually wondering where they get some of these people at! Sheridan, Broussard, and Hollinger should have to walk the plank!

Joe reply to The GM on Apr 18 at 9:30

ESPN has some bad ones. What about Scoop Jackson? He writes his articles on a 2nd grade level. He just wrote an entire article last week on how Kobe won't win the MVP because he has so many "haters." I made it through a paragraph and then considered starting a blog "stopscoopjackson.com" but it didn't seem very original.

I don't mind Hollinger. I just don't think PER is an accurate measurement of player performance.

Wow, they are giving us a game? Sweet!

30%? The Pistons are a matchup nightmare for us. I'd put that number down around 10%. But absolutely use it as motivation. The Sixers certainly CAN pull it off, but it would be a big upset.

do you really need motivation material when you're in the playoffs against the pistons? if looking at all those red, white and blue jerseys doesn't motivate you to play better than you ever have before, you should be playing a different sport.

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