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Nice breakdown. I think it will come down to whoever gets to the loose balls that will determine this match up. A fired up PG can elevate the rest of the team.

Billups is good. Real good. Maybe Miller will come out and take his game to another level. At least I hope so.

He's going to have to.

Oh yeah. I can't wait to see the Willie vs. Rip matchup. I think you may be more brutal on that one than the Pistons bloggers will be.

Miller is going to feel like a gay porn star with Billups' ass hitting him all series long as he backs him down relentlessly.

If Lou Williams winds up on Billups that'll happen. Miller's too strong to be backed down like that by Billups. Same goes the other way.

I'm a big Dre Miller fan, but he really is not in Chauncey's league defensively. Miller plays smart defense - he doesn't take chances, positions himself well, knows where his help is. (In other words, he is the opposite of Allen Iverson.) But he just isn't that quick laterally, which has been one of the team's problems this season. Billups, on the other hand, is possibly the best defender at his position in the league.

I also would not be shocked to see Tayshaun check Miller for stretches, especially when Reggie Evans is in the game. The Pistons have been known to use him on opposing PG's to great effect. And everyone knows if you can shut down Miller the Sixers offense stalls.

The whole key to this series, as everyone has said, is tempo. If they can get stops and run, the Sixers can compete. In the half court they're done. And I like Brian's suggestion about moving 'Dala to the 2 for this series, though that means chasing Rip around all game, which will take a toll on the offensive end. Still I think it's probably worth it. (I'm guessing the point is moot though - I doubt Mo will change things up like that. We just have to hope Willie gets all geeked up to play in his home town.)

I'd be very happy if Prince was on Miller, mainly because I think Billups can handle Miller on his own and that means someone else would have to guard Iguodala.

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