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Nice to hear the other side's point view. I think it's hilarious how every Sixers fan wants Willie out of the lineup and that's her player to watch. Amazing how little you know from another team's perspective. Vice Versa, It seems Pistons fans have the utmost confidence in Rodney Stuckey thinking he will destroy Lou.

Willie does usually have good games against the Pistons. I think it's a combination of going home for him and Rip Hamilton's invisible defense.

chazzh27 on Apr 18 at 15:23

I hope the Sixers at least give them something to worry about. I bet the Pistons think they will roll in 5 or 6. It would be great to steal game one. Mo- go with the right lineup- give the boys a chance! Willie would be perfect coming off the bench to provide instant offense (a la Vinnie Johnson).

I think that win at Detroit holds a lot more meaning than anyone wants to admit. The Pistons weren't in cruise control that night, they weren't resting their starters. They forced the Sixers to play their type of game and the Sixers beat them.

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