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Take it from me, I live in this area and I read this crap everyday. These guys are afraid of their own shadow. The other one, Phil Jasner, whom you don't have a link to; he once said he predicted 31 wins and he had a hard time believing they'd make it to that mark. They were something like 16-28 I believe. Less than a month later - a total about face. Way to go out on a limb, jerk. One day soon, the sixers will get the last laugh. As will the die hard fans.

I get more insight on this blog than I ever would from those clowns.

Jasner infuriates me. Most of the time I don't even read his stuff. Narducci seems to be the most level-headed, but even he's doom and gloom about the series.

JoshG reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 23:52

See the worst part is Aldridge was such a great writer and now he's gone. It really does piss me off to read articles like those two, Smallwood's was just a slap in the face basically.

I just don't like anyone saying that something is definite. Sure the Pistons are a good team but will you put your salary on the line to bet on the Pistons this series? My point is that the games are played for a reason, so never count a team out. I mean just look at the freakin warriors last year.

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