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Hi Brian, would the jump would be more insightful if it included minutes per game? I think the Pistons starters do play less minutes than ours.

Daly is going to be pivotal because he is the one big man we have that can clog up the lane. It's no good if he gets sucked in to guard Rasheed at the perimeter or gets into foul trouble.

I don't see Dalembert contributing on the offensive end apart from offensive boards and putbacks. I don't want to see his ugly jumper and if he gets the ball too much the Pistons will force him to turn the ball over.

I hope he can play smart and keep himself around for the fourth quarter when he can be more assertive but of course I wonder if we can still be in the game at that stage with a tentative Dalembert.

He's done a really good job of being effective but not careless with his fouls over the past couple of months. We're going to have to hope that he can keep it up, and also that David Stern isn't guiding the refs toward a Pistons/Celtics Eastern Conference Finals.

McDyess averaged 29.3 minutes/game
Dalembert averaged 33.2 minutes/game.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 21:37

Ha, he doesn't have to guide them. Although Orlando could threaten Detroit in the second round.

If the Sixers take game 1 I could see Stern nudging the refs. And my 30% chance was for the series. They have a 30% chance of winning 4 out of 7 games. Not a 30% chance in each game. Not that it matters, completely biased and arbitrary number.

Will reply to Alvin on Apr 18 at 18:36

Not to mention the fact that Dalembert (and the team as a whole) have been terrible at defending the 3 while balancing lane coverage.

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