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I dunno about you brian, but i don't think phil pitched better or worse in the 6th and 5th innings than in the first four...he just ran out of luck.

in all of his innings, from the start, he located about half of his fastballs very well, but oculdnt throw a curve for a strike. I am pretty sure the only reason his start appeared to be good for a couple innings was because the orioles atrocious bats...they were sitting on his fastball, and eventually his mistakes bit him in the ass, with some help from the yankee defense.

if it was a good offensive team he wouldnt have lasted 4 full innings.

that being said, the offense still sucked.

The main reason I think this was more luck than Phil just being horrible is that nothing was hit hard. Literally, they scored all their runs on bleeders and bloops.

You're right though, he didn't have command of his curve. The best pitch he threw all night was a slider down and in to a righty (can't remember who), and it looks like he's completely abandoned the change.

Let's hope for better from Kennedy tonight.

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