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Is it me or does it look like Reggie Evans is in his late 40's?
Looks a little like Issac Hayes don't you think.

I think Boney nailed Reggie's evil twin during the live blog, Kimbo Slice.

3.30 AM here but it was definitely worth

We took what Det gave us, they missed a lot of opportunities and we deservely won, despite a, I dare to say, sub par game. They clearly underrated us but the problem is only their...

I'm still so pumped and I can't wait for game 2, in the meantime I'll go on looking for Evans jerseys on the web.

Iggy will hopefully play more relaxed now, same for all the rookies. BTW are we sure it was Thad's first playoffs game? It didn't look like...

Buona notte (good night)

The Sixers are on the front page now.

They hate it when I make fun of them. I shamed them into fixing it.

Great recap! Much better than the ones on espn- of course its probably because its from a fellow sixers fan.

fyi - they changed the espn homepage with a picture of iggy and sheed.

I've heard how bad Flip Saunders is but I didn't realize he was this bad. He is awful and because of him (and Mo being our coach) the sixers will have a shot in the series.

Linsay Hunter, Stuckey and Chauncey in a three-guard lineup? I don't get that at all. The Piston bench owned the Sixers in the second quarter. Mo made the halftime adjustments, Flip did not.

Despite his stats, I felt Iggy played really bad: missed slam dunk; Billups went right around him in last few minutes; cannot dribble in traffic; dribbled into trouble and throws ball up for grabs. He did the latter regularly at end of games during the season. He still cries too much for me -- and what was that hollering at Sam at end of game when he passed him the ball (bad decision) and Sam "charged". He made bad decision to pass to Evans near end of game, and then Reggie did the impossible and made a turnaround jumper. He does not deserve the max contract. Mo should insist on Miller handling the ball at end of quarters and games; he will do something with it or get it somebody else who is open. I have more faith in Williams handling the ball. I just had to vent -- now I can enjoy the win.

I thought Mo made a bad call going to Iguodala a couple times down the stretch, mainly because Iguodala had Prince on him and Miller was being checked by Rip. I don't really have a problem with Iguodala's game, though. He's going to have to struggle to score against Prince, he got 16 tonight, and really put up dominant numbers on the boards and distributing the ball.

The main thing he, and really the rest of the team, did was they didn't force jumpers. They only took 5 threes, and for the most part, they took good shots. Their percentage wasn't great (43%) but after the first quarter they really picked it up.

I still don't think it's going to take a max deal for Iguodala, but whatever it takes they're going to have to pay it.

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