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If anyone can let me see that clip of Jasner/Miller, I want to see it so badly. I have heard about it from like 5 people already.

It really is unbelievable. Don't know how to find it.

Hi Brian,

Great writeup as always. Where's Thad? He was keeping them in the game at the start.

Here is a comment / question uniquely suited to your expertise. :-) I've tried to figure out who Thad most resembles (game wise). I think he is less like any b-ball player I know and has more in common with Derek Jeter. Why? He always seems to make the right play at the right time OR makes a play when the team needs it to stay afloat. I'm not sure who in basketball has a game like that (maybe Bird?). I won't put Thad with Bird yet.

Outstanding effort by the Sixers to claw back after going down big.

I really have a hard time figuring out who Thad resembles. I've given up recently and just accepted the fact that he's the Sixers most-reliable weapon in the half-court offense. Funny, but true.

Read your article through a link from Need4sheed. You're very fair, and I appreciate that. Much as I think Natalie is there. While I'm not happy with the turn of events tonight, I do agree with you and no longer have myself convinced the Pistons will even make it out of this series (much less the east.) But I don't agree with your "young legs theory." Technically it makes sense, but Detroit's undoing (it appears) will again be their own. It's not that they're old. They've proved the last several seasons that they are an elite team that can consistently beat anybody in the league. They did this season and came out with the 2nd best record in the league. But that all goes out the window in the playoffs. Hell, they had the BEST record 2 years ago and where did that get them? The problem is their attitude (and a really poor coached game 5 last year.) They expect things in the playoffs and haven't proved they can earn them the last few runs. It's depressing (rim shot.) Congrats, though. You guys definitely deserved the game. Keep up the hustle and you might pull off a below .500 upset of the second best team in the NBA. I'd say it's probable.

Thanks for the comment. If I was a Pistons fan, last night's game would've sucked, obviously, but I'd be more worried that so many people are still looking past the Sixers. Magic Johnson actually had something really good to say on the post-game last night, basically he said Detroit needs to realize that to win this series they need to play 48 minutes of basketball every night, because you know the Sixers will.

Great point, there's no quit in this Sixers team. They may lose the series, but they will make the Pistons earn it.

Um, traditionally, when a team is up by 15 and they lose, isn't that more reason to say that they took the other team too lightly? Because the assumption is that you went up by a lot and thought you had the game won and slacked off. It's not like we were playing defense on Billups's missed free throws. I just thought there was a huge lack of intensity on their part. The only people who seemed to come to play were Rasheed and Maxiell.

Usually when you underestimate a team they come out fast and keep the game close throughout. The Pistons came out fast and for all intents and purposes put the game away in the third. Then the Sixers made their comeback with the Piston starters on the floor. Not against the end of the bench.

This game was almost a carbon copy of the Sixers 83-82 win at the Palace in March. The 4th quarter D was the key, not being underestimated by Detroit.

It upset me that if Detroit won, the Pistons are back but now that they lost, Pistons are washed-up. We don't need anymore chalkboard material guys, we have plenty!

Did anyone see Rasheed in the Sixers huddle at the end of the game? That's just not cool, even for him. The TNT guys were saying that may have caused him to miss that bunny lay-up because he wasn't focused.

By the way, Aren't you glad we didn't get Orlando? They dropped 43 in the first and Dwight finished with 25 and 22.

Toronto is just a mess. But you're right, I'd hate to be dealing w/ those three point shooters and Howard right now.

What was most interesting to me about this game was that everyone's basic theory about how this series would go turned out to be wrong, at least in this instance. This was a Pistons tempo all the way: slow pace, low scoring, not many turnoveres, mostly half court. And we still won. I'd prefer we speed things up, but it's pretty remarkable that we beat this team at its own game.

Did we get Detroit's best tonight? Not even close. And at some point in this series we will. But if the story line had been reversed tonight, with the Sixers giving up a big lead and missing free throws, the headlines today would be all about the Pistons mental toughness. Our guys grew up a bit tonight.

Brian, one minor point of contention. I actually thought Carney and Smith's contributions were quite different. Carney was a total deer in the headlights, looking lost and making no contribution whatsoever. Smith came in at a crucial point in the game, stayed in position, and didn't make mistakes. No real numbers but he looked like he belonged out there. Which is good, because with his size he's a good alternative when Sam gets in foul trouble.

JoshG reply to Matt on Apr 21 at 10:28

Did you see Jason Smith on the bench at the end of the game, that guy was cheesin so wide it was literally ear to ear. It was crackin me up.

Smith definitely had an impact, but he and Carney barely saw any action. I like the fact that Mo has trimmed the rotation, but will go to those two when they're needed. This is a luxury he has because those guys saw big minutes at times during the season. He's also got everyone buying into his system, so you aren't going to see guys bitching about PT or anything like that.

Good write-up Brian.

I put up a post over on my blog with three things the Sixers NEED to do to keep this up: (1) keep up the perimeter D, as the Pistons went only 4-12 from 3-point range; (2) continue to run as much as possible, because they surprisingly only managed a 16-12 advantage on the break; and (3) Iggy plain and simply has to take over, as conclusory as that sounds.

And to be honest, while Jasner's question may have been ill-timed, I don't think his idea is faulty: no one (not even the Sixers beat writers) is giving Philly a chance, so there's absolutely no pressure on them whatsoever. That's a good thing, as you've pointed out. Though I do love Miller's indignant response.

That's about as pissed as I've ever seen Miller. Love the attitude and love the reaction. Jasner is an asshole.

Dude, those cats over on the need4sheed blog are going to all have coronaries. Most of it centers around Detroit sleeping and not being fresh for Boston now. Still no respect for the sixers play. I don't think the sixers are going to get any respect unless they win the series outright. Here's hoping the refs don't take over and hand the pistons a game or two.

I actually don't want people to start picking the Sixers. The last time that happened the young guys started to believe the hype and they lost their edge. They'll obviously be the underdog in any game they play from here on out, that's good. Keep the edge and play 48 minutes of hoops per night.

How Depressed can you be after that performance? I am still buzzing.

Phil Jasner was asking for it. Miller is the epitome of pride and passion and he wasn't going to tolerate that question.

Well the games are won on the court. If we see this same energy, resilience and determination for the Sixers in every game we will make it hard for Detroit to beat us.

Winning one game does wonders for the players' confidence but they must react positively and not let it get to their heads. It's only one win out of the required four and if we don't play 100% our season would be over soon.

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