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NEVER pay attention to or read a Phil Jasner column. He is the most condescending prick writer out there. He's like an old smelly uncle you don't want to invite to Holiday dinners because he makes you constantly uncomfortable. Actually, they have him on Daily News Live (Comcast sportsnet TV show) from time to time. I have to tell you; getting to hear him live is absolutely something to avoid. Guys like him and smallwood constantly back hand the sixers whenever possible, refusing to give them credit. People always harp on "Negadelphia"; if you listen to them it's easy to see why.

I've been telling people to come to this blog to get real analysis. It goes to show; you don't have to sacrifice passion for fear of not being objective.

Every time I see the picture of Rasheed in the huddle I can't help but wonder how good this team would be with him playing the 4. Of course it is probably never going to happen but it is still nice thinking about it.

Sheed would be unreal on this team, but you have to realize he doesn't want to be THE guy. That would have to fall to Iguodala or Thad, or someone else. I'd be fine with that, but some people think we need to get a number 1 option in here, Sheed is not that.

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