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I saw that too. I was impressed with the gameplan last night. And the(somewhat) encouraging thing is that the Sixers didn't really execute offensively at all the entire night. Of course a large portion, if not all, of that can be attributed to Detroit's defense.

Im looking forward to Wednesday and hope we can muster up a 2-1 lead for the Sunday game where I will be belligerence personified in the stands.

I'm working on getting down to Philly for one of the games, not sure which one yet. There are way too many tickets still available, these games need to be sellouts.

It's great coaching, Sheed might be one of the most talented players in the League, but there's a reason he has never been a superstar, he doesn't take over games, he doesn't like to be a go-to guy.
It's almost like a Shaq defense we've seen a couple years ago. Just let him have his points, but don't let the rest of the team open.

I think that's what contributed to the Pistons not killing us from deep, and that's what needs to keep up for us to have a chance in this series. Better to give Sheed those looks than to leave any of Billups, Hamilton, Prince, Hunter, etc. open for a three.

As you alluded to, Mo had better have a wrinkle or two ready to throw right back at the Pistons.

Oh, and thanks for the linkage earlier by the way. I haven't written much on the Sixers so far, but it's tough not to chime in after a W like that!

This is going to be a true test for both coaches. I don't think Flip expected it, and I think it threw him off. Now, does Flip decide to ignore the Sheed one-on-one in game two? Does he go with more pick-and-rolls with Sheed and McDyess? Does he go back to running Rip off screens on the baseline even though the Sixers did a great job of switching them? By the way, that was made possible by starting Thad, another good coaching move by Mo.

It's going to be fun to watch.

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