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Hank is 10x's worse than Mark Cuban...and Cuban actually has smart things to say sometime.

Someone needs to give him some calm down pills.

Stupid. There's just no other way to describe crap like this. Just plain stupid.

I'm really dreading whats going to happen with this guy...

I can see a return back to the late 80's, early 90's again. Impulsively making moves, trading young talent for old, washed-up "big names".

Hank has no idea about anything, and Cashman seems to be a very competent GM. If Hank forces him out, I will be furious

Ostensibly, Hank was calling for Joba Chamberlain to be inserted into the rotation now.

did he say now?

"I want him as a starter and so does everyone else, including him, and that is what we are working toward and we need him there now,”

There isn't anything controversial there. Our starting pitching sucks, and he's (probably) a good starter.

He said we NEED joba here now, not PUT joba in now...He explicitly said we are working toward it, implying he knows we can't put him there now.

And why are people worrying about Hank making impuslsive moves?!?!? He hasn't over-ridden cash on ONE move. People are buying into ESPN's forced comparisons to his father...it pisses me off to no end that ESPN is succeeding.

*Impulsive, my bad for the typ-o

Loud and Opinionated does not automatically make him his father...sure some of it has no purpose, but ESPN is brainwashing people into thinking that him and cashman are at odds for the team. They were at odds for Santana, and nothing else. nothing!

Idiotic Jayson Stark added flame to the fuel with the senseless chat he had, which were full of people who read ESPN headlines and take it as gospel without reading the actual quotations in context.

Espn said, as a headline at one point:
"Hank wants Joba in rotation, Cashman says not now." They spun it to sound like Hank doesn't understand the issue of pitch limits, when he clearly signified that he did in his statement.

Sorry for posting in such a angry manner Brian, but ESPN is good for nothing but boxscores.

Obviously, I agree with what you're saying about ESPN, but I disagree about Hank. I think you're giving him a little too much credit here. I didn't take him saying we need Joba in the rotation now as a statement of the starters aren't doing well, so it sure would be nice to have him starting, but I understand that he can't because of the innings limit. I took it at face value, and I really believe that's how it was meant.

I do think this was a shot across Cashman's bow, basically saying "I told you we needed Santana, now look at the mess we're in. We need a number 1. We need Joba now."

Whether I was reading him correctly or you were doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Making statements to the press like this is idiotic, especially 20 games into the season, and it does at the very least, give the impression that he's undermining Cashman. We can't have that.

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