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haywood is an idiot on Apr 22 at 0:50

Of course it is a flagrant 2 you idiot. haywood wasn't going to the ball what so ever and his intent was to hurt lebron. no matter who it is its a flagrant 2. are you saying lebron is the only person in the league who would get that call?

Not really, I just asked the question. Reggie Miller didn't seem to agree with you, though.

I don't think it was a flagrant 2, but the fact that he got him in the air is what put it over that line. Had he got him before he was in the air, I think flagrant 1 would have been the call. Plus, he had to have pushed him pretty hard to get LeBron sideways in the air.

Yeah, I'm not really outraged by it. I thought it was borderline flagrant 1/2, just wanted to see what other people thought.

I thought Okur could've been called for a flagrant in the second game on Scola late in the game, but the refs just called a personal.

I am not sure if others who were watching the game would agree, but I thought a Flagrant I was in order for awhile leading up to that.

The game was getting "out of control" by modern NBA standards, meaning guys were playing "no layup" defense at all costs almost.

I don't think there was "intent to harm" which is my personal definition of a flagrant 2. The NBA's definition is ridiculous.

I think Haywood got caught up in trying to foul him harm. The only difference was that Lebron was coming from an odd angle which made the collision much worse much worse.

How about that flop by AK-47 last night? What a horrible call in that situation.

Lebron is 6'8-250. To give an indication on how hard he was pushed, LeBron's momentum was going towards Haywood and yet he still flew the opposite way. Granted it's easier to push someone in the air but LeBron is still a pretty big guy.

Th whole series was getting out of hand. Both Caron Butler and Antonio Daniels were hit hard and it seems strange that when LeBron goes to the ground, the dude gets ejected.

Yeah all these decisions are going to favor LeBron and his team. I am so sick of it. Like Aarick said Daniels and Butler were hit hard too but no they had to eject only Haywood.

If Dirk "Geico Caveman" Nowitski gets required that Texas 3 step, because he should've been, the outcome of that game may have been quite different.

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