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I'm still pissed. You can't give up in the playoffs, I don't care who the Pistons are playing, you play your best 5.
I was yelling at the TV for Mo to put our boys in, I don't care how they did in the 1st half; you play miller, dala, bert, thad, and sweet lou against what they had out there and you tell me they wouldn't have made a run?

You're right. It didn't really strike me at the time, but playing your starters shows them and the Pistons that you don't take anything for granted so they better not. 48 minutes of basketball every game. A dog fight.

I also think we should've seen some hard fouls going in the other direction late in the game. The Pistons were blowing us out and knocking us around in the lane. Someone needed to pay them back, and it didn't happen.

Okay, so we got our asses handed to us. I thought it would happen once this series, but there is no reason to panic.

I was hoping we would have made it tougher for them but we should be pleased with 1-1 going back to Philly I was expecting to go home 0-2 at the start of the series.

Everything that could have gone wrong for us in this game went wrong.

What I would like to see in Game 3:
- Thad getting some minutes at the 3, and getting the ball inside when he's playing well
- Let's make our free throws
- Dalembert needs to be a defensive presence. He has rebounded poorly so far and he needs to step it up a few notches
- Iggy needs to stop throwing jumpers up. We are trying too hard to make him "the man". He should try to get to the hoop and let the game come to him

It says quite a lot when Reggie Evans is our best player over the first two games.

Can't say I disagree with any of this. One thing I think we absolutely need to see in game two is a pick and roll with Iguodala and Thad. Make McDyess be the guy who is going to jump the screen and double Iggy, and make Thad the guy who's going to be left open for a 15 footer. The ball needs to go through Thad much more, in my opinion. Especially when the offense is stalling.

joejoejoe on Apr 24 at 1:04

You saw why Antonio McDyess plays over Jason Maxiell in Game 2. When McDyess plays like that the Pistons are tough. I ran the numbers and the Pistons are 20-1 when McDyess shoots 60% or better. Thaddeus Young needs to D up the Pistons PFs (Maxiell and McDyess) for Philly to do better. 'Sheed is going to get his but Cheeks has a good approach playing him straight with Dalembert. This is the only series that is 1-1 so it should be fun.

McDyess was unconscious tonight. It's disappointing because having Thad Young on him is a mismatch down on the blocks, but Thad should be able to account for him on the perimeter, which is where he did all his damage. Rotations were way too slow to him off pick and pops. Mo needs to address that in practice and have a solution for the game. 8/14 is ridiculous for the #5 option on the court.

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