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It's true the point about the young players, but when we look at our bench, we don't really have a choice but to let Williams and Young play through their mistakes, do we? Unless it means the likes of Booth/Randolph/Amundson getting playing time, with all due respect to them.

I had no expectations for this series and I still don't. As long as the team is playing as hard as possible, trying to play good ball and not make stupid errors, I'm happy. However, if we can somehow manufacture a Game 2 win, I might start dreaming big.

It would've been really easy for Mo to go with Ollie instead of Lou. Especially after Lou made a couple of mistakes. He didn't, though, which I took as a good sign. Booth could've also seen those minutes in the third quarter that Jason Smith played.

I can't believe I forgot about KO.

Well I think the fact that the Sixers didn't sign a free agent despite a free roster space shows that we're going to go with the young players win or lose, which I think is a great way to approach it.

I am a firm believer that playing a big role in their first playoff series will help their development greatly.

I agree so much that Iggy needs to develop a drive-first mentality and Evans will be pivotal on the boards. But I am afraid that we will really have trouble with zone defense if they choose to implement it. My favourite go-to moves are Miller's short jumper and Thad's sweet hook.

They'd definitely have trouble with the zone, but probably no more than the trouble they have w/ the man to man detroit plays. All we need is a hot night, or even a hot quarter from one of the outside guys, Iguodala, Carney, Lou or even Willie. One hot guy can really punish a zone.

I guess it is a good thing that the Sixers are getting absolutely no respect... right?

I mean it seems like all the major bloggers and analysts are ellergic to giving ANY credit to the Sixers besides a slight mention of Cheeks being a class act.

It is just plain hilarious. The analysts are absolutely unwilling to acknowledge the Sixers even won the first game.

The Pistons apparently didn't care and lost. I love it!!

From the national media I expect it. They all basically spout off the same garbage and the other night was probably the first Sixers game they've watched all year. The thing that bugs me is the total lack of respect the Sixers get from their local papers. These guys have supposedly followed the team all season long, they've seen the same growth we have, and they still take a giant dump on them whenever they get a chance.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how they play on the floor. Win and eventually the respect will come. Lose and you go back to the gym and work harder and prove them wrong next year.

I think the players are feeding off this lack of respect and they're determined to earn it for each other. That's a pretty special situation for a team. Man, I can't wait for this game to start.

Dowe really want the national attention? Sure it would be nice at least one national person to just recognize we won without mentioning the fact that Detroit had their worst game ever (Which they really didn't as you pointed out).

Back to the point. Mo does a good job of keeping the guys motivated and the last time we starting turning heads, we went on a little skid. If we are not completely focused, motivated and have confidence then this veteran team will take advantage.

I'm confident though that the Sixers can have all those three qualities for 4 games. People forget the fact that the Sixers had a bad game, maybe worse than Detroit (since we never can shoot free-throws and missed lay-ups and dunks..

joejoejoe on Apr 24 at 0:54

I was upset with Detroit's turnovers. Twelve may be about average for the year but it's playoff basketball and the Detroit scored 9.5 points fewer than they did in the average regular season game.

It's no slam against the Sixers to for Detroit fans to be down about the turnovers. If you look on Detroit Bad Boys you'll see Piston fans bitching about turnovers in the win. Low turnover basketball is winning basketball. On that front, Philly should be optimistic because your team is taking care of the ball fairly well so far.

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