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It's a lot to ask to win both games in the Palace. But I'll get a huge kick watching the Sixers try.

Clearly the surprise factor is gone they know we will play and they will be determined to at least win this one. We need more of what we did on Sunday and much more.

It will be great to get repeat performances from Evans, Miller and Green. Hopefully Iggy can score and someone please summon the Dalembeast.

Don't look at it as winning two games at the Palace. Game 1 doesn't matter now. Each game is it's own thing, if they go out and defend like they did in the second half, there's no reason they can't win this game, tonight.

The heartening thing is that they got nothing from Dalembert on the offensive end and not a lot of scoring from Iguodala. They could, and should, both have better games tonight.

2.3? I would take 2 and run.

Does he get the .3 of an assist when he acts like he is going to pass it when he drives to the rim?

I know Cleveland does the "hockey assist" thing now. Does Philly do the "fake assist"?

I think they started giving Willie .1 assists per missed jumper which is consequently rebounded by Reggie Evans and turns into a hoop. That's done by design, little known fact.

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