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joejoejoe on Apr 24 at 2:13

I watched the game and it was cool to hear Joe Morgan recall Moose's near no-hitter at Fenway. I watched that game on TV and it's probably the best I've ever seen anyone ever pitch. Mussina is a poor man's Greg Maddux and in the big picture, that's not half bad. When he has control AND good stuff he's not good, he's great. Most nights he has control. Some nights he has good stuff. The nights when he has both are fewer now at age 39 but tonight was one of those nights.

W - Mussina.

I don't know if you'd ever really classify his stuff as good at this point. He's only going to be effective if he's smarter and realizes how limited his stuff is these days. He was able to do that tonight and he pitched smart, which is very Maddux-esque. If he can do that more frequently, he'll wind up being a big part of the rotation. If he reverts back to nibbling and challenging at the wrong times, it's going to be a long season.

Tonight left me impressed.

joejoejoe on Apr 24 at 17:44

Mussina's fastball is shot but he's still got 'good stuff' in the sense that he's got a good curveball and good change off of his now not-so-fastball.

I love Moose for his dry humor.

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