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What I do not understand and I think that many would agree with is how Willie Green is still starting. Why not throw Lou in there. He is faster, quicker, and can score in bunches just like Green can. He might even also have arguably better defense than Willie. I get the whole Thad at the 4 and having Reggie coming off the bench but why not have Carney or Lou starting in place of Green? If Mo wants energy off the bench with Carney or Lou, why was he so hesitant to only play Carney last night when we were down by 20+?

My only guess is that Willie has the experience. Green has had stretches of decent play throughout the year, and he played well in game 1, maybe that production has fooled Mo. I'm not really sure.

I still think the big lineup is the way to go.

OK, silver lining time.

Odd as it sounds, the Sixers didn't lose this game because of their offense. They were sub-par, but they grabbed a bunch of offensive boards (19), went to the line 35 times, and shot only 6 threes. So they did not lack aggressiveness. If they improve their shooting percentage even a little (perhaps by getting a few more fast break points), and knock down a couple of free throws, they get up into the mid-90's, which is realistically about as well as can be expected against the Pistons.

The defense, on the other hand, has to get better. Part of the reason the Sixers couldn't run is because they couldn't get stops and couldn't rebound at their own end. This is why I think Brian's suggestion of starting both Reggie and Thad actually makes sense. It puts Evans on McDyess, which will help, and it shores up the defensive glass. I doubt Mo will do it, but agree it's a good idea.

I don't think Iguodala has to dominate for this team to win games, but they do need to get him more involved on offense. Two options here. The first his have him initiate the offense more, and put him in pick and roll situations. I know it's not the Sixers game, but it would get him some switches and breathing room. (It would also make it harder for them to trap Miller.) Second is to run him off more screens, though catch and shoot isn't really his game, so I would lean toward option 1.

Game 3 will be much closer. The Pistons are awake now, so every win will be tough, but they are by no means out of it. This team has been resilient all season; no reason to think that would change now.

I was cursing the defense throughout the whole game and picked up a pattern.

6ers play tight defense, shot goes up, defense collapses, Pistons grab the rebound & get an easy put-back. Seemingly every other shot was contested, (the Pistons are a good team they're still going to hit those), but giving up the put backs/open jumpers is what killed them.

That certainly was a huge problem last night. The big lineup would help shore up the defensive boards.

It was the offesnive rebounsthat killed you, it was the pistons D it was smothering everyone every posessions into hard shots, the pistons gae just as many points away when the 63rs got crazy shots to go down and rebounds off of air balls. Detroit dominated in everyway.

Is that English?


5: Daly 35 / Smith 10 / Evans 3
4: Evans 30 / Young 13 / Smith 5
3: Young 22 / Iggy 16 / Carney 10
2: Iggy 24 / Green 14 / Lou 10
1: Miller 38 / Lou 10

Time to ring the changes. Game 1 was a bit of an anomaly because Willie Green shot better than I could hope for him to shoot and most of the Pistons couldn't make a basket. I always feel a player with his shot selection is best utilized off the bench.

J-Soft needs to rebound the ball. 3 rebounds in 30 minutes so far for a 7-footer is really bad, even for a rookie. To be honest, the whole team is struggling on the boards the only guy we have who can box out is Evans who is our best rebounder and he can't box out and jump for the ball at the same time.

Iguodala played about 5 minutes in the 4th quarter and had 2 assists and was 0-1 from the field in that time. Cheeks took him out and put Thad back in when the Sixers were down 21. I think part of it is a confidence thing, but I also think it is also a "he may not be ready for this stage" issue as well. He doesn't need to be dominant but he can't be 5-24 in two games either. One on one he can't get good shots against Prince right now. That's not max-deal player performance even a little bit. Hopefully getting back to Philly will blow some life into him. Because the series is over if he continues to play this way. That's just reality.

disagree with Aarick on this one

first off Green played a great game 1, and I am NOT a Green fan, so he deseves to stay in the starting line up

second, Lou Williams in his second playoffs game of his career, and he still has to learn.

third, Lou Williams played very selfishly in garbage time and only to fill his stat line. It worked, but if I am his coach I notice it and I dislike that

Again, this is not a knock on Lou either, I like him

The main problem is Iguodala, of course, the dude has to man up in this post season. I guess if he doesn't improve big time, he will lose a lot of money on his next deal...

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