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Hey Brian, I can't agree with you more about Thad. Apart from Miller he is by far our most efficient scorer. Sure he didn't do too well against McDyess defensively but the difference was Detroit took advantage of that mismatch and we didn't.

When Detroit double Miller or Iggy we need the likes of Thad, Carney and Lou to make smart moves towards the basket. Our offense is definitely hurting our defense.

The troubling part of his defense on McDyess is that he should be able to stick with him on 15 foot jumpers. The advantage McDyess has is pure size and strength, he didn't beat Thad on blocks once. It was all jumpers for his points, and of course rebounds, but that's another story.

They need to run some plays for Thad and also use him as a safety valve when the Pistsons double someone.

love the post and the "half full" attitude in general, but I think that switching THIS Iguodala to SG and putting Evans in at PF, with Green on the bench, would make the situation worse, and our offense uneffective and unwatchable

I would rather use more Carney, especially in the second quarter, and TRY (I repeat: TRY) to run SOME (I repeat: SOME) plays for Dalembert & Jason Smith (alley oops or similar), at least in the first quarters, so they gets involved soon and keep their man busy, or at least draw some fouls.

We need more scoring but mainly more scoring options

they get, get...not gets... LOL

Morning guys, Game 3 coming up.

I just want to see the Sixers play a lot harder. Hopefully the crowd will be rocking and it will help them. As long as we're within 7 or 8 in the fourth quarter we have a chance.

I feel like we just need more minutes distributed to Thad, Carney, and Lou. They all bring an energy and have the athleticism to create mismatches if we play team ball. How many times this year have we been down and Mo goes with a young lineup and all of a sudden we come storming back. Id like to see more minutes from those guys and less from Willie regardless of what he did in Game 1, he is not a team player. He is much improved from last year but it is still same old Willie in my book when we need him to be a team player and he is anything but.

not to be a dick on your board but... Detroit played both their game, and the 76ers' game in Game 2. They ran, and played half court. Sure they shot a great percentage, but a lot more of the shots were at the rim then Game 1.

"All they really did was salvage a 1-1...". I'll take a 1-1 considering it SHOULD be 2-0 if not for uncharacteristic missed free throws by a 90% shooter and a missed layup by a guy who should/could have either had a foul called for 2 shots OR he could have thrown it down with two hands.

So if I called you on 5:59 P.M. on Sunday and asked you if you'd be happy w/ a 1-1 tie going into game three you would've said sure?

Come on man, as disheartening as game 2 was for the Sixers, game 1 had to be more so for the Pistons. You probably feel a lot like we did on Monday, but it can all change very quickly.


It was disheartening when it happened, sure. Monday? In the morning I didn't want to talk about the game, because the wound was still fresh. I turned on the TiVO though Monday night and noticed things that went wrong and why they did... forced shots, jumpers, McDyess not aggressive, Rip not shooting near his percentage, Billups missing FTs...etc...

I also wasn't impressed by the win the other night. Sure, they attacked the basket but the best thing about that game was how they clogged the lane. Three hands in the face of a shooter in the paint is Detroit basketball, old school style. Detroit ran the other night and played half court.

The only problem I had was Carney blowing by Rip, but that was settled once Afflalo came in and quieted him down.

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