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Def Leppard and Tim McGraw with the musical intro. Wow, ESPN is pulling out all the stops.

Turnovers drive me insane. First the 3-second and now the traveling call.

Two travels. Tied after the first, good start. Get Willie out of there now.

It's sad that this is the loudest the crowd has been, I would be there screaming my lungs out if I could, but I'm 3,000+ miles away.

Alvin reply to JoshG on Apr 25 at 19:54

I know what you mean man, I am perhaps even further away. I can't even watch the damn game for goodness' sake.

Im still in the 1st, but im liking Sammy's agressiveness so far. Wheres the liveblog?

I'm superstitious. Coming off a loss we switch things up. These refs are keeping Detroit in the game.

Mike reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 19:53

fair enough

JoshG reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 19:54

Yea I switched back to my Dala jersey that I wore in game 1. I shouldn't have worn the Thad jersey in game 2.

Bad news for you on the Yankees front--Brian Bruney is likely out for the season with a foot in need of surgical repair. He was pitching well, wasn't he?

Not great news, but Bruney was pretty much interchangeable with the rest of the garbage they have in the pen.

Miller just dominated Billups in the post. I love it. Like 2 mins left in the first for me

The Sixers are going to their strengths on O. Happy to see that.

This is a bizarre game. Detroit's shooting 63% and has just 34 points with 3 left in the half. All because of turnovers, rebounding, and no threes or freethrows.

The turnovers are because of the Sixers' D. They're all over the court. The announcers haven't given the Sixers credit for this D once.

I think it's great that we have gotten to the half with some kind of a lead. Prince and Hamilton are shooting the lights out but it's a good sign that our scoring has been quite balanced that's when we're at our best.

Sheed hasn't shot yet? Jesus

Im buying a Reggie Evans jersey and wearing it Sunday. I dont care is he has no offensive skills, hes been the Sixers best player in the playoffs

He's working his ass off out there. I want to see a no layups philosophy in the second half. If Rip or Prince dare go into the lane they need to be dumped on their ass.

JoshG reply to Mike on Apr 25 at 20:20

I think that Reggie Evens is Jesus reincarnated

Alright Im caught and watching live. And prepared for a heart attack

McDyess no offensive rebounds = 8 point lead

I dont think we really realize how good Thad is. Primarily because he doesnt get the chance to show us.

Given 15 shots, Thad would score 20+ every night easily, I'm convinced.

I love this game right now

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