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Didn't Houston win in Utah in game 3 of their series?

Utah won the first 2 games @ Houston

^^ That too.

I really need to get out of this office. Good eyes, thanks guys.

Yeah basically apart from the Utah-Houston series only Philly has won a road game so far. It says as much about the Pistons as it does the Sixers.

Now that we've awakened the giant it will be a real scrap to win another game. Detroit at their best can beat any team in a 7-game series.

I'll be glad if we can split the two games in Philly.

Well our coach is fired up. Apparently he got fined $25,000. Read it on ESPN. Hopefully our players are too.

I'm sorry, I meant I hope the players are fired up, not that they get fined. Anyway here's the link:


Maybe Mo will earn some home-court calls for the Sixers. Sure would be nice.

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