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The Sixers draw first blood, literally.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 20:40

Agree or disagree: Thad will, by any measure, be a better player than Iguodala in two years.


By no means should the Sixers not sign Iguodala, he'll be the perfect #2 if Thad does, in fact, become the #1.

Mike reply to Tray on Apr 25 at 20:46

After these past three games this sounds stupid but I think Andre will be better driving into the lane and on the break.

RIP is so dirty. I think he is just bitter that the back of his head is so big.

Alvin reply to Tray on Apr 25 at 20:51

Agree. Question is how long it will take. Certainly, if he gets more chances at the offensive end we'll get a better gauge.

I can't hype Thad Young enough. It is so rare to see a 19-year-old play so smart and so hard. There's no telling how good he can be.

Sixers are playing tough now. Lot of fouls, but they're hitting the Pistons now, this is what I wanted to see.

I guess I was the only idiot commenting on the other post

JoshG reply to Mike on Apr 25 at 21:24

nah I did that too

Pistons draw second blood.

Is that a double tech on Evans and Rasheed?

Reggie is taking this game over.

What happened. Did espn have better camera work? Comcast wasn't on either of them

Sheed was complaining all the way down the floor, looked like Reggie told him to shut the fuck up.

Willie Green 6 assists? Where Amazing Happens, indeed

He should have 7, Iggy missed that easy alley-oop earlier in the third.

Daly you're doing well tonight at what you're good at but please don't throw up another 21-footer.

There can be no letdown from this point on. I want a 20-point win.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 20:59

I will take a 1-point win to be honest.

Dalembert with the backdown in the low post? Who is this guy?

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 21:20


12 more minutes just like those last 12.

What have the guys been smoking? Seriously this is unreal.

Carney busts the zone!!!!!

Rodney F'ing Carney

Posted by me on Truehoop

I guess Detroit isn't trying again? When will people give the Sixers SOME credit? I'm not claiming the Sixers are a better team, but anytime the Sixers beat them (tonight could be the 4th time this year) everyone focuses on what the Pistons did wrong and how they lose focus. How about they aren't used to playing teams who aren't afraid to punch them straight in the face? How about the Sixers athleticism is something they aren't constructed to play against?

Sixers deserve credit, thats all



I'm sorry, but this game is the Sixers dominating, not the Pistons being lazy.

joejoejoe on Apr 25 at 21:21

I went out to get ice cream at half-time and I don't think the Pistons scored the whole time I was gone. You're not going to beat St. Joe's turning the ball over 20 times but all credit to the Sixers for frustrating the Pistons into those turnovers.

I think the Pistons are 5 for 27 or so in the second half.

Andre Miller is unconscious. I've said it so many times this season but this is the playoffs, baby!

Does anyone else have a goofy smile plastered on their face right now?

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 21:28

You bet. I look retarded and I'm loving it.

My brother supports the Pistons so it doesn't get much better for me right now.

JoshG reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 21:42

Mine could be described as shit eatin

Holy shit. Willie Green has more assists than field goal attempts. That has to be a first in his career, right?

I hope the storyline changes after this game; but I'm gona bet that all I hear is "the Pistons slacked off again, we will see if the3y show up again in game 4".
It gets annoying when even in a blowout, proper credit isn't given. The Sixers rotation defense has especially been phenomenal tonight.

Alvin reply to JoshG on Apr 25 at 21:32

Yeah JoshG no one wants to give this team credit but who cares we are doing well the way we are let's enjoy this among ourselves.

JoshG reply to Alvin on Apr 25 at 21:39

I hear ya, F em; like Brian said before the series started, this team is better with a chip on their shoulder. I like it that way.

The whole Zoo Crew is in? Come on now give Thad and Smith some minutes. Heck, even Louis Amundson


Fennis Dembo on Apr 25 at 21:32

I'll give you P****s credit. You beat us down tonight. Outplayed and outworked us, then mentally broke us. Couldn't have flipped the switch if we wanted to. Stones will need to come out hard and tough in game four, and win a nail biter if they want to stay in this series. That said, i fully expect them to do it.

What are our starters doing out there give them some rest and let Smith, Young play.

I rewinded and double checked, Sammy was getting the crowd up in the middle of live action there right before Lou hit that jumpshot. Hilarious

I spy Shavlik Randolph this game is overwhelming.

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