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The Pistons lost focus. No wait, they just underrated the Sixers. Or maybe they're still in "we've already qualified for the playoffs so we don't care" mode.

This Sixers team makes me so proud.

I love it because no matter what, it's still 2-1 and we have home court advantage, so suck it Pistons.

I thought I had to endure this season and that there would only be the draft and free agency to look forward to. But we qualified for the playoffs.

I thought that we could steal one game, maybe two. But we've won 2 out of the first 3. This team keeps proving me wrong and I love it. There are no egos they are so young and play so well together. Sure there's cap space to look forward to in July but let's see how far we can take this.

Listening to the TNT crew tonight, you would've thought the Sixers were a CYO team and the Pistons were the 95-96 Bulls. At one point, when they were talking about the Pistons 88 turnovers, they called the Sixers an average defensive team... I mean, really? Didn't the Sixers finish 7th in the league in PPG against despite sucking for the first 48 games?

That aside... fantastic game all around. Loved seeing Carney get some burn in the second half: he stuck a couple of jumpers, really seemed to bother Rip defensively, and was generally active on both ends of the court. Not that Willie was particularly bad tonight (6 assists!), but Carney just makes more sense defensively.

Looking forward to your recap.

Addendum to the "media not giving the Sixers credit" category: the SI.com "Fast Breaks" article by Ian Thomsen.


And I quote: "It would be no surprise to see [the Pistons] control tempo and reclaim homecourt advantage heading back to Detroit for Game 5. The real question raised by this loss is whether the Pistons are capable of making a run at the NBA Finals."

Really? See, I thought the real question was whether Detroit could advance to the second round, seeing as they've lost home court advantage, possibly their starting center for a game, and looked old and slow last night. I guess I forgot that the Pistons have a God-given right to make it to the Eastern Conference finals.

Where you sitting Brian? I'll be down as well: Section 102 row 20.

Nose bleeds. Sec. 216, row 11. I really hope they sell it out.

Jalen Rose actually gave the Sixers tremendous credit on ESPN tonight.

I think people are giving the Sixers credit, but Stephen A. ... I mean, we all know Stephen A.'s an idiot, but lately I'm starting to wonder if he's been replaced by a cheap Stephen A. robot. In his postgame analysis, he chalked up the whole thing to Detroit failing to "handle their business," and then goes on to repeat the phrase "handle their business" about eight times. I think it went like this, and I'm really not exaggerating:

well, we've seen Detroit handle their business under duress before, so maybe they'll come back and handle their business, but right now the sixers are handling the Pistons' business if you know what I'm saying, shoutout to Reggie Evans... anywayyyyy, they sure aren't handling their business now, and they better handle their business if they want to get a chance to handle their business against Boston, because you know damn well if they don't handle their business they'll get their business handled!

JoshG reply to Tray on Apr 26 at 2:38

That quote is completely inaccurate; we all know Stephen A: "TALKS LIKE THIS, BECAUSE HIS OPINION IS IMPORTANT!!!!"

Hey we actually got a decent paragraph at Recliner GM!

I give the 76ers 100% credit for beating Detroit. They have been given nothing. The Sixers could easily have been that inexperienced team that goes down 15 in game one and folds. Then go on to get swept and think it’s not a big deal because no one expected them to win anyway. They didn’t and are giving the Detroit Pistons the business right now.


The blogs usually are the ones begging for respect. The mainstream media still hasn't come into the dark. I just don't understand how long it takes to get recognition. 2 games isn't enough but it's the way we are beating this so-called powerhouse. The one factor preventing Detroit from playing a good game rather than a bad one in Game 1 was missed free-throws? Come on.

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