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Hey, I have two questions.

What is the significance of the Damon broken bats?

And why are you an Eagles and Sixers fan, but no Philles?

Hey Jordan,

No real significance to the Damon thing. Last year I noticed he broke a ton of bats, so I wanted to keep track this season. He broke 10 in the first 12 games or so, but he hasn't broken one in a while now.

The short answer is that my dad was from Philly, we watched all the Philly teams until I was 7, then Mattingly came up with the Yanks and I made the switch. Been following the Yanks since then, but never left the Sixers and Eagles.

Nice. Just wondering. I come here for the Sixers only lol. No offense, but not a fan of the Eagles. Huge Cowboys fan. Astros as well.

Ken Rudolph on Apr 26 at 23:56

Jordan...you are the scum of the earth, you cockroach!


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