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I agreed with him the first time and I agree with him now. Didn't think we had a chance, now I can't call the series. Tell me, what's wrong with anything he said? Sports reporters aren't supposed to be homers. That's what fan blogs are for.

Go back and read the first column again. I don't care if the guy is a homer or not. I'm not pissed that he picked the Pistons to win, so did just about everyone else. What pisses me off is that he wrote a column basically saying the Sixers have no heart and no chance, and they may as well not even play this series because they're going to be embarrassed.

Then in his big apology column he makes the same mistake. He talks about how they limped to the finish line showing no resiliency, which is crap. He either didn't watch the Cavs game that was stolen from them or somehow blamed them for the end of the game. Either way, it's inexcusable, as is planning a vacation during round 1 of the playoffs.

It just rubs me the wrong way when a local writer uses a heavy hand to bury the team before a game has even been played, "Remember the good times, because once this Eastern Conference quarterfinal against the Detroit Pistons is over, it might be a little hard to focus on the positives." Then, when he's proven wrong uses B.S. excuses for what he wrote.

This one is my favorite quote, "Of the teams the Sixers could have drawn in the playoffs, the Pistons are the absolute worst matchup." So going 2-2 against them, with a win at Detroit made them the worst matchup?

From the apology post: "But it's now obvious this isn't merely a team that was simply satisfied with having a playoff appearance as the highlight of a surprising turnaround campaign." What about this team and its coach would ever lead you to believe they'd have that attitude going into the series? Tray, you were one of the biggest doubters around here, did you honestly think they'd play like they were just happy to have made the playoffs? That's questioning the team's heart, which is the one thing that's been beyond reproach.

Anyway, it just bothers me that a guy either didn't really take the time to watch the team during the regular season or just thought it would be fun to bury the Sixers before he went on vacation because it's the cool thing to do in Philly.

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