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Hey Brian make sure you make some noise! Bring the house down!

Didn't expect you to quote Stephen A. Smith with that "taking care of business".

Well go Sixers! Let's do this!

I always try to take care of business when I'm writing last-minute posts as I run out the door. I just wish the Sixers could've taken care of business, unfortunately the only took care of business in the first half, detroit took care of business in the second.


Can it be 7:00 now please?? I'm dying with anticipation here.

Damn, letting Detroit grab those offensive rebounds really killed us. Of course, they also hit 5 threes in the third quarter and we couldn't make one to save our lives.

Iggy is still forcing shots and missing them. He even shot badly from the line. It looks like Detroit have paid attention to Evans because he was ineffective in this game. Prince as usual was killing us.

Well we all know if Detroit play their best we can't beat them but it's still a downer being 10 up at the half to lose this badly.

I just was dissapointed that they let the Pistons outrebound and outhustle them in the 2nd Half. The key to this team is getting stops which leads to better offense,even in the halfcourt. Also, we gotta shoot better fouls, especially Iggy.

Its tough being up so much in the first half and just getting dominated.

Iggy started 3/3 and then went 1/13... to go with 5 TO and 5 missed FTs....

I don't put the blame only on him but he's been really, really disappointing in this series so far, also in terms of decision making and leadership.

I hope Stefanski will pay a right price to keep him this summer, he's proving he's not ready to be a real franchise player, at least not yet

Whatever, I don't want to be negative, 2-2 with the Pistons after 4 games is something no one thought possible, so let's enjoy the next games, it's gonna be fun anyway, a step in the building-a-contender process !!!

We simply missed a (unique?) chance but we are still there

Go Sixers !! and good night (3.50 AM here, LOL)

I am very frustrated with the way Iggy forces up shots and takes so much time off the shot clock when he doesn't.

Like Brian I am very disappointed and angry that we're not trying to give Young more chances offensively. The kid can play why are we putting him on the floor when we don't want to let him play his game. Apart from Miller he's our best option in the half court.

Iggy is shooting so badly I'd rather Lou throws them up he's not shooting great either but still 10% better in the series.

Detroit will definitely feel good now we have two days to regroup and we need to make those adjustments on our half court offense. We also need to make sure we don't get out-hustled there is nothing worse for a Philly fan to endure.

It's only 1 day off, and the Pistons starters played a boatload of minutes. Run, run, run and run some more on Tuesday night in Detroit.

Iguodala's a bum. Thad's the future. Put aside all the forced shots, that just tells you he's not very talented, because if he were, he'd make some of them. What bothers me are his ridiculous turnovers. Like the offensive foul where he decided he'd just barrel into the whole Pistons team, or the one where the ball went off his hands and bounced around for three seconds and he didn't even scramble for it, or all the possessions where he almost turns the ball over getting himself trapped on the wing and then forces someone else to take a bad shot. There was hardly a possession in the fourth quarter where he didn't hurt us in some way. And now they're going to try to convert him into a shooting guard to make way for Thad. It won't work. He's an undersized forward, that's what he's always been, that's what he'll always be. When he has the ball on the break he looks like Shaq in old All-Star Games. I don't know how anyone ever thought we could build around a rich man's Boris Diaw, but at least no one thinks it anymore.

He's not a number one option, especially not when the opposing team has their best defender on him. At least not at this point in his career. That does not mean he's a bad player. That does not mean the Sixers do not need him.

As for being an undersized forward, I think you're off base. He's guarded guys w/ height advantages his entire career and I don't think I've ever really seen anyone take him down to the blocks. Size isn't his issue, forcing things on offense is, at least in this series it has been.

Writing off a 24 year-old guy who's made drastic improvements every year and averaged 20 points/game this season based on one playoff series (that his team may still win) doesn't make much sense to me.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 5:16

No no, I'm not saying size is his issue, I'm just saying he's a 6'6 small forward. People assumed he'd be a guard just because he's shooting guard size, but he's really a short small forward. I'm not saying that causes him problems. Is he a bad player? Well, no, but I wouldn't call him a terribly smart or disciplined player. He'll have better games, but I really think Thad is clearly the future, Thad's a small forward, so is Andre, something has to give, etc.

OK, gotcha. Still disagree about Iguodala's future, but what you say about size makes sense.

clearly all the pistons needed was a wake up call they can turn on and off the switch when the need to too much talent and experiance for a much less talented philly team... with 2 games left in the sixers season please concentrate on the yanks. you missed an incredible pitchers duel today and complete dominance by wang joba and MO

I caught the game on TiVo when I got home, the recap is up now. Hang in there, it may take me longer, but I've got the Yanks covered too.

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