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Reggie clearly flopped on the Antonio play, but I'm almost positive if that was a Piston he would've gotten the call. His had did kind of graze Antonio on the way up, but it shouldn't have been called a foul in my opinion. The Iguodala play was definitely a blocking foul on Rip, but the benefit of the doubt went to the Pistons as always and I think Iguodala's out-of-control dribbling contributed to the call. Detroit has gotten 85% of the calls this series and get a lot of cheap fouls called for them as opposed to Philly, who has to get fouled blatantly to get a whistle.

On the whole Iguodala thing. He has clearly proven he's not a franchise player and I hope he gets paid accordingly this off-season. Granted they don't have Tay Prince on them,(dare I say it) Willie Green has looked much better offensivley, along with Andre Miller, Lou Williams and Thad Young. Lou might not being shooting a high percentage, but at least his shots look good. Not only is Iguodala missing(a lot), his shots look absolutely horrible. He takes bad shots, has more air balls this series than the entire Pistons team(I'm guessing), complains after every call and turns the ball over way too much. Even if Iguodala is getting hosed on a lot of these calls, he shouldn't be complaining and acting like he should get star treatment because he's far from a star. The play that summed it up for me was when he got the ball knocked away in the fourth and instead of turning around to pick up the ball complained to the ref and let Detroit get a 3 on 0 fast break.

Every Sixer on our roster has impressed me so much this series, except Andre Iguodala.

That being said, we can still win this series and I still like Andre Iguodala, but both him and the Sixers need to realize he's not a franchise player on a Championship contender.

Sorry for the rant. Just my feelings after the first four games.

All fair points. I've been an Iguodala supporter all year long and I still think he needs to be signed this offseason, but Cheeks needs to realize that there are two or three better options on offense at all times and act accordingly.

On the Reggie call, I figured he flopped on the way down, but I didn't see anything when he got up that would warrant a call. The charge called on Iguodala looked like a horrible, horrible call from where I was sitting.

Also, the Pistons got at least two touch-fouls called and another non-call was when Rip Hamilton bumped Green at the foul line, Green lost the dribble and it turned into a dunk on the other end. I also thought there were two kicks by the Pistons, both ending up in fast breaks in the 4th.

Ugh. The range of emotion from the end of the second to the end of the game was excruciating.

Jordan reply to Brian on Apr 28 at 11:31

Ya I still like Iggy and think he should be re-signed, but I think he should get even less money than he turned down.

I doubt that's going to happen. I think he'd probably sign the qualifying offer first, which would actually be a really good thing for the Sixers.

Pretty funny. I was about to post in your previous post that these games must be what makes you a "depressed fan" but you beat me to it.

Refs? I got caught watching this one at a larger party, which is normally against my rules so I can't say much definitively. I can't say I noticed anything major against the Sixers.

Reggie is a big time flopper and Iggy seemed out of control from what I saw in the replay.

Stuckey got called for a pretty touchy foul on Lou.

I look forward to your post. You better not say 2-2 is an "accomplishment" because that is all I seem to be reading.

What a bad loss. You just can't lose games like that.

Fuck that accomplishment bullshit. This series should be 3-1 right now. If the Sixers are going to win this series now, they're going to have to really win 5 games because this one was a gift to the Pistons.

Jordan you said it all about Iggy.

He's playing like the worst Willie Green, the one of the past seasons I mean, but with a lower %... I jut don't geti it why he

I especially agree with you about the "looks" of his shots, as soon as the ball leaves his hands you have the impression that it's gonna barely hit the rim...

I'll have my recap on my blog soon with more on this topic

Brian, you are completely correct when you say we have to find other solutions: Thad is one, correct, but how about playing more Carney, who responded very well every time his name was called? Or leave Green on the floor more that his usual 25 minutes?

Willie is playing great, last night he was the only effective Sixer and when our offense was stagnant in the 4th he provided some instant offense...

46 minutes of THIS Iguodala are simply unsustainable

Sorry I'm off topic, but can you please write a post on the Iggles draft and what you think?

Like many Eagles fans, I'm confused. They trade down their first round pick, get an undersized DE and a short WR (possible return man?), a Safety and a couple of Offensive Guards who have a history of injuries and suspect ability. Then they pick up a guy from Miami (RB Booker) for their fourth rounder that they supposedly coveted in last year's draft who is reportedly underweight.

What's the deal here?!

It's coming later today.


The foul on Evans was for the arm swing after he got up from his flop. You could tell he was agitated that it was a non call and when he got up, he swung his arm at Maxiell and hit him. Clearly a retaliation hit, and a good call.

What's even worse was the flop at the end of the first half by Evans which gave Sheed a 3rd foul. Sheed was behind Evans and going out to set a pick on the perimeter and Sheed didn't touch him and Evans looked like he got shot in his back or something the way he fell to the floor.

Don't say the refs swallowed their whistles on the Pistons end of the court, please. How about the fast break where Jason Smith karate chopped Tayshaun in the clavicle and no call? Or when Billups would drive to the basket and no call.

It went both ways, Ronnie Garretson is a horrible ref. To invoke the name of Tim Donaghy though is a bit much.

This league, and these refs are by no means beyond reproach.

I already said the refs had nothing to do with who won the game, but a few bad calls and swallowed whistles sure made it a more comfortable cover for the Pistons.

I can't get into each call, because like I said, I only saw them once, from a pretty fair distance, and i can't find a replay of the game anywhere. They did show a replay of Prince getting hit by Smith, which I guess you could've called a foul, but it had nothing to do with the play. Tayshaun lost the ball before any contact was made, in fact, Smith inadvertently hit him with a swinging arm as he was following the ball out of bounds.

I just thought Prince's reaction was pretty funny. I thought he was going to break down and cry on the floor.

I have to agree with Boney (Pistons fan?) here, I don't remember any terrible call against the Sixers and anyway they had nothing to do with our loss (but Brian said this as well, so it's not like he's trying to use excuses)

Refs were ok, they blew 3-4 calls but for both teams but it might happen in a tough game like that

The charge on Iguodala on that fastbreak was completely correct IMO, and this even without wacthing the replay

Ricky, I am a Piston fan. The only way I can see that charge on Iggy is because he wasn't exactly in control as he barreled down the court. But, just because Rip was backpedaling doesn't mean you can just run over him. A smart play would've been to pass it and then get it back under the rim for a slam.

Let's leave it at this... I don't know if girls read this site or not but, as long as Violet Palmer isn't one of the refs on the floor, the calls will even themselves out.

Here's a little history on Stafford.

The calls have favored the aggressor in this series, and last night that was the Pistons. In the games that the Sixers won they were slapping the Pistons arms/hands everytime down.

It's been consistent in that respect. The whistles have been fairly loose in every game.

I was close enough to the action at the game last night to confidently say speaking about the refs this much is a complete waste of time. Sure there were some grabs, some pushing that could have been called both ways. I mean like Boney said Reggie Evans flopped ridiculously on the Sheed technical play. He flopped when he was knocked down and when he got up and swung him arm there was very very little contact but the ref saw a pretty flagrant elbow motion and I don't fault them for calling that in the moment. The charge on Iggy was fine with me, he was out of control and in the open court with a guy setting up for a charge at the foul line, he had plenty of maneuver room to avoid it. His game is completely out of whack in every aspect right now (4-9 from the foul line!?!).

This game came down to 19 Sixers turnovers, 11 in the second half and about the worst pick and roll defense you could imagine in the 3rd quarter.

Another Piston fan's thoughts on calls/potentially controversial moments:

1. Iguodala charge should have been a block. I actually thought that call was downright awful.
2. Very little contact on the Evans' retaliation, but when you try to retaliate and the ref sees it, there's a good chance the whistle gets blown. No sympathy here.
3. Evans flop was a tough call on Detroit
4. As soon as the Sheed tech got called, there was a pretty tough makeup call where Dice got a charge but should have been called for the block IMO
5. Good no call on the Prince boo boo -- ball had already come out.

All in all, I don't think the calls seemed to favor one team over the other. Gun to my head, I guess I'd say they favored the Pistons a little more than the Sixers...but it really wasn't obvious to me one way or the other.

Fair enough. Like I said, sitting pretty far away surrounded by thousands of insane fans isn't really the best place to be when you're trying to objectively look at the job the refs are doing. The whistles, or lack thereof didn't swing this game one way or the other. The Pistons earned the win in the second half, I never meant to take anything away from that.

So you link to an ESPN article that is clearly very old about that guy Stafford?

Big deal... so tell me what the vendetta is with the 6ers then? If anything, the vendetta is with Detroit and Rasheed. Sean Corbin and Danny Crawford call Rasheed for more technicals than anyone, Javie too.

Evans flopped twice. Once on the Rasheed tech, which shouldn't have been a foul.

2nd flop, he flopped and got no call. He got up and swung his arm... should've been a tech. It was an unnecessary retaliation to a guy you just tried to show up by flopping on the floor.

Stand up and play f-ing basketball. Don't flop on the floor like a fish, and you don't need to worry about whether you're going to get a call. Grab your sack and man up

First, Evans doesn't usually grab his own sack. Second, I didn't say Stafford had something against the Sixers in particular, just that he had a checkered past.

I'm not a big fan of flopping, to be honest, I'd rather Reggie challenged a shot every now and then, but so be it. From where I was sitting, that foul called on him should've been a no call, but there you have it.

I can only hope he baits Sheed into another technical and another meltdown tomorrow night. He should've been tossed for his tantrum last game, he never left the court and kept jawing.

Two calls to say it all

I DVR'd the game and the Iggy charging foul was a horrible call..you can cleary see Rip moving his right food to get over...not set at all! at worst a no call...but to call it a charge was just inexcusable

Than a few plays later, chauncy or rip drive in to the paint Willie green gets there and is outside of the circle, plants his feet gets knocked over...Blocking foul.

Granted both of these fouls occured with a double digit Pistons lead, but that doesn't mean they were incorrect.

If you want to see some BS watch the fouls given to the 76ers playing good D against Billups at the end of the 3rd quarter in game 3...while watching billups shove the 76ers and bump them everywhere...

Last night's game against the Hawks: I was watching the Boston feed and saw A.C. law get clearly bumped by posey while going for a looseball with no call. Donny Marshall stated that you have to earn those fouls, and you won't be given them as a rookie.

This is why the NBA reffing is a joke! They don't make those calls....and then a minute later the fight broke out that led to Kendrick Perkins off the bench, and KG shoving a ref. Will David Stern play favorites? or enforce his rule despite its impact on a star player?

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