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Loved the Eagles draft. Getting a #1 from another team is always huge, especially when that team sucks. They probably would have taken Desean at 19 anyways, so to get him at 50 is awesome. Laws is a beast too and there's nothing questionable about Ikgeweau when he's healthy. Im sure you cant get into it so much with the 6ers and Yanks goin strong now, but i thought this was a real nice draft.

Long term, I like it. Just a little sick of the draft always being used for 2-3 years down the road. This team's window might not be open that long. Then again, maybe it will stay open because they're always looking 2-3 years out.

Jackson should be an immediate upgrade to a need area this season, I don't think they really accomplished that in the draft last year, so that's a good sign.

Ikegwuonu may turn out to be great, but he's out this entire year, so again, down the road.

Great write up Bryan, Thank you. You analysis, as always, is thorough.

Once again, I'm confused and disappointed in this draft. Whereas KC has seven or eight projected starters in the draft that will make an immediate impact, the only guys I see possibly starting in this bunch are DeSean Jackson as a third receiver/possible Returner(he's supposedly fast and will spread out the field) and Booker (trade from Miami) as a Special teams/possible return guy. The DEs/DT/OG/CB and S are not projected starters.

Here's a possibility, although an expensive option and not one that is a long term solution...

Bill Parcells has made it known that Jason Taylor has danced his way out of Miami. Attempts to trade Taylor to Jacksonville during the draft were unsuccessful. Plus side, he was the Defensive Player of the year only a year ago and healthy, down side, he makes 8 million and is 33.
He'd be a definite improvement over the departed Kearse, especially given that not one of the drafted guys is considered an impact player. And if Parcells just cuts Taylor as he did his brother in law Zach Thomas, we might be able to get a bargain.

As for the Guards, Otah was there for the taking for them and they traded down. Supposedly they were really impressed by Brandon Albert, but he would have meant trading up. Hopefully we can get another good year from Runyan and Thomas...I guess that is what Andy is thinking. The good thing is the guys drafted could possibly play Tackle and Center, the bad news is one has a history of concussions the other has bad knees. King Dunlap is a monster... 6'9" and 340 lbs. He isn't projected as being NFL material though as his strength doesn't match his size. Still I wouldn't mind seeing what he could do and the name is a reason itself to give him a try.

In Andy Speak, is Booker's acquisition mean the end of Tony Hunt before he even got a chance? Will Booker challenge Buckhalter for the backup position? I am not displeased with DeSean Jackson's drafting or Booker's acquisition, as I think these are immediate fits. The rest, I just don't know. And hey... Chad Johnson is still available....

I doubt Miami would cut Taylor, if they do, then yeah, I'd be interested in him. It would probably mean moving Cole to the left side, I believe Taylor plays right end.

As for RB, I'll believe Buckhalter isn't the #2 running back as soon as I see it. I thought Moats was going to usurp him, then I thought Hunt would get his carries, but it never happened for either guy. Booker is going to have to prove himself quickly for him to leap over Buck.

Overall, I don't know about this offseason. I love the Samuel signing. But if this is the final roster we're going into the season with, I'm not really that impressed with the improvements they made.

Maybe Andy is banking on a fully-healed McNabb and L.J. Smith being enough of an upgrade to this offense, I'm not so sure I feel the same way.

After an 8-8 season I expected the team to make marked improvements, and while I think they really tried to land both Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald, they still don't have a legit red zone option, nor a legit #1 receiver.

Just like to add about Ikegwuonu...

-His agent is Drew Rosenhaus.

-He has major character issues. I believe he still has charges pending against his for stealing an xbox or something like that.

Booker is a very good receiver out of the backfield. Very good.

gcobb.com has videos up about the players if anyone wants more info.

Thanks for the info., Joe. Hearing Ikegwuonu has Drew Rosenhaus as an agent is a character issue in and of itself.

I'm optimistic about Booker too. I just question the wisdom on drafting these smallish Defensive linemen and Offensive Linemen with weaknesses that have already been ID'd. And does anyone know... Does Laws have the speed and technique to compensate for being undersized?

Joe reply to JJ on Apr 28 at 23:36

What what I have read, he is quick enough to play a little bit of DE if that helps to answer your question.


There are some videos of him in the link above... he seems to be a high motor guy that is pretty strong. He should be able to get penetration, but you won't ever see the guy batting down a pass.

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