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What do you mean by 'representative'? You use it as if it means respectable.

It means he's average, or within the standard deviation of the larger group.

9. exemplifying a group or kind; typical: a representative selection of Elizabethan plays.


A very interesting commentary. I would love to see two things happen

A line up of AI, AM, TY, JS, SD. this gives you an option (since Prince will stick with IGGY) to post up Rip hamilton on thad...keep going to it and the following will happen a)Thad will score on the mismatch, b)rip will get in foul trouble, c) they will switch rip with Prince leaving AI to exploit the matchup.

Another option with this line up....since Cheeks feels compelled to let AI dribble at the top of the key to beat prince alone still in game 4 which he hadn't really done yet, set picks with Jason Smith. Prince will not switch so that leave a wide open jason smith to hit jumpers!

Another effect of this line up...on the defensive end. AI guards Rip making life hard for him, and TY guards TP to give a new look to cool him off. Also...you have 3 guys who can rebound and help cool the offensive boards!

PLEASE CHEEKS...just TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Smith was impressive in the last game. The only problem with starting him is I'm not sure how long he'd be on the floor. He has a tendency to use his fouls liberally.

I do think putting Thad on Prince would be a good move at this point.

I can't stress it enough but yeah, Thad all the way. At least it is worth trying because it isn't working for Iggy and it might catch them unaware. I don't think any Piston fan/player sees how good Thad is right now.

I'm hopeful we can get Thad matching up to Prince quite often, while Jason Smith and Reggie Evans can take turns on McDyess/Maxiell. Putting Thad at the 4 is hurting our rebounding while I think he would be better on Prince.

And yeah if the Pistons put Rip on Thad I like our chances.

Shame I have to work, but go Sixers!

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