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You have the wrong link up for the Jasner mancrush article.


57.6% from the field, 50% for 3PT, 87.5% from the line. 11.5 PPG, 4.8 RPG, 1 APG, 1 SPG.

Take note also the 0.25 TPG and 1.5 FPG in 27.8 MPG.

Thad is playing unreal basketball for a 19-year-old rookie and the only thing limiting him from doing better is the insistence on trying to turn Iggy into a franchise player.

I want to see more trust in Young offensively I believe he has earned it.

Narducci wrote a solid article today as well... [link]

I enjoyed that clown's comment on the starting five... I enjoyed it so much that I almost forgot that this is the same team that has mowed down the Eastern Conference for 50+ wins the last 6 seasons. A "long time ago" doesn't usually represent "current" when describing something. I'll continue to sip the kool aid of the team, even though they're regular season wins. I'll also point to the finals appearances (eastern conference and nba) as a sign of success.

Detroit may not be able to get to the pinnacle of this mountain more than twice with their current situation, but 50 in 6 isn't bad. Especially with 3 different coaches.

Detroit should have won the East the last 2 seasons but they didn't perform the way they should. They definitely don't play like they did in 04 and 05 they were awesome then.

Boney - Having very good regular seasons are cool But Charles is talking like a player would. Sure as a fan you may be ok with winning a lot of regular season games and coming close to NBA championships each year. But for the players I am willing to bet they would think more like Barkely. Completely disappointed at their performances and loses to perceived lesser opponents. Ultimately no one plays just to make it to the Eastern conference finals. Further finals (eastern and nba) "appearances" are signs of success for up and coming teams looking to win an NBA championship. Not a team who has won it already and is considered to be a front runner each year to win it all. When you don't that is utter disappointment because at that level your expectations are higher than most.

Thanks for the link. I waited for Jasner to get his quotes to get mine. You should have seen Tayshaun. He was grimacing the entire time with his feet in ice and his knee taped. Jason Smith elbowed him in the collar bone on a fast break. He's sacrificing his body to stop Iggy. Not cool. There's not another player in the league that could do what he's doing to Dre. I've spoken to Dre before and after each game and he's trying the best he can but like Jasner eloquently states, once he gets past TP there's a big--or a couple--waiting. Someone has to fill that spot and be ready for the dunk, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Detroit's defense all around is sick. I personally think Willie Green is a key. If he can cancel out Rip somehow someway, the Sixers can pull this off.

Prince has been unbelievable. I hate the guy, but you can't deny the job he's done so far in this series.

If Willie's shot selection is good, which it has been in the past two games, he can cancel out Rip. Hamilton got hot in the 4th of game 4, but it was when Willie was on the bench and he was able to get open looks, for the most part. Willie's D has been pretty good overall, in the series.

Gut Feeling.

BIG game by Iguodala tonight just to prove me wrong.

He earns some money back and Philly wins 92-87.

There it is.

I'll sign up for that right now. Live blog starts in 5 minutes!

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