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I guess you're all gonna drink yourselves blind tonight.

Well I'm glad to see my two least favorite players put up some points. I was starting to get a little worried about how Andre would feed his family.

So is the moral of the story the Sixers can win with Iguodala shooting a low percentage, but can't when it's Miller stinking up the joint?

I'm drained. At this point I'm really hoping Iguodala accepts the qualifying offer so he can get his max deal as an unrestricted free agent the following season. If he does, the Sixers could have $16M in cap space, maybe more.

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 30 at 2:36

That's not the moral. The moral is that we don't win when they score 98 points. Most we've scored in any game in the series is 95, so I'd say we lost on the defensive end. 58% from the field bears that out. A secondary moral is you struggle to score if you turn the ball over 18 times, or if only two players shoot well from the field... the biggest moral I take from the series is that they've outscored us on threes 69-24. With a shooter (who didn't take time away from Thad), we'd probably be up 3-2. Which is encouraging if you think about it.

Gimme Elton Brand, Gil Arenas or Josh Smith. And a game 6 win.

Joe reply to Jordan on Apr 30 at 9:53

Gimme Arenas and he will gimme a heart attack.

Setting aside the fact that he's a gunner of epic proportions, I've heard that his knee condition may be degenerating and there's some question if he'll ever recover from it.

Josh Smith, on the other hand, only needs to be taught to stop shooting threes.

I think it is overwhelmingly obvious that we need a dominant power forward. Having that presence alone would open up the rest of the half court offense, allow Thad to move around and get into the paint. It would also take a lot of pressure off of all the guards and getting them involved. I like Josh Smith but other then him I would rather sign Iggy and address the need in the draft, we do have an unknown Herbert Hill and an emerging Jason Smith. Bringing in Arenas does nothing for us except break up our team chemistry.

We got beat plain and simple. Now it's all down to trying to rally the troops. I hope the Sixers get great crowd support and we'll try to get to a good start and win Game 6. We want to take this a game at a time.

Yes this team has limited options and is predictable but if the rolls go our way you never know. Time to support and hope the players can come through.

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