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, all the time

Going yard?
Goner? (As it, it's a goner!)

Got 'em. They're on the list.

Chinese home run (hit so high that when it barely gets out, it scrapes the back of the fence).

Really? Alright, on the list it goes.

Huh! Never heard that one before.

"Cranked one out?" Not a word but phrase for home run.

"Jack". "Two-run jack." Or like the Sportscenter guy when a guy hits one "Bartender.. JACK!"

Nice. On the list they go.

#12 isn't one I've heard before LOL.

Really? I think dong and bomb are probably the two I use the most often.

How bout clout?

Got it, 23 and counting.


How about a "touch em all"


and not so much a name, but an exclamation, thanks to Kenny Mayne...YAHTZEE!!!

Laser (line drive homer)

No-Doubter (one of those arod behind the bullpen ones when you know as soon as they makke contact its gone)

Well, I'm glad my little proclamation that I will now use dong (thanks to Jack Cobra) to describe a home run has sparked this discussion. I can not think of anything else though. Every time a word pops in my head, it's already on the list. Maybe we should start using other languages. If the Spanish (Mexican? Not sure where he's from) yells GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL when they score in soccer, they must use something for a home run, no?

Anyone know the Japanese translation?

Just thought of one. Although I hate to borrow from John Sterling, an A-bomb can technically be used for anyone, not just A-rod.


tape measure shot, quadruple

Ruthian is an adjective I hear. Not sure if there is a coin term there...

Nice. They're added.

What about a "Put 'em on the board" in honor of Hawk Harrelson? Surprised Rick wasn't pushing for that one already :).

I wasn't going to use announcers' calls, but I did say comprehensive, so up it goes. Also, "See ya," from Michael Kay.

a missile ... if you start a list for strikeouts dont forget to include the callaghan

dear jack cobra a chineese homerun is a ball the goes over the fence foul behinde the plate not one that scrapes the wall !

You're wrong, tom. Confirmation.

what about "ding dong"?

you have dong and dinger alone but this one is pretty common in my circles...

Good call. It's up there.

about face

It only applies to a game-ending dinger, but it's a gem:


Hasta la vista, baby!
by the ESPN announcer in Taiwan.

Awesome list, Brian.

In Spanish, the correct translation for home run is "Cuadangular" (4-baser, basically).

However, the most common word, used by Latino broadcasters, is "jonron" (literally the Spanish spelling of "Home Run"), thanks to the Puerto Rican influence. You'll see it in NYC spanish newspapers (El Diario) spelled like that.

Announcers also have regional dialects: Mexicans sometimes say "Bambinaz", and Venezuelans sometimes say "Volva cuerca" (spelling may be wrong; it means "fly over fence").

what about Yahtzee?

what about Yahtzee?

Bleacher Creature!!!!! :)

Dong is a male body part....the home run word you are looking for is Ding-Dong

Rip the cover off

Your writing style is great. I'm going to share this article with all of the Fans that Like my Youtube Page. Have you been having any kind of complications with the new Facebook Likes?

Rob Rivera on Mar 22 at 13:30

In Spanish it is actually a Cuadrangular...the "r" is missing from the above post.

The late, great Harry Kalas......that balls "Outta Here"!!

What about a "wizzer." or missle or long range missle?

How about Bleacher Reacher?

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