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hahahahaha, great picture, now all we need is for someone to Photoshop a picture of Dalembert behind him lookin suspicious, and rockin the fro-hawk of course.

"If the Pistons want it over, Sixers are finished"

That is seriously a headline over in the yahoo sports rumors section. You've got to be fucking kidding me right???

This lack of respect pisses me off even more so now, not because I feel like the Sixers deserve more credit, but because it highlight exactly how much of an opportunity they blew in game 4. This series should be 3-2 Sixers right now.

The Sixers aren't in this series right now because the Pistons got lazy for 2 games, the Sixers are trailing the series because they got lazy in the third quarter of game 4. If they had kept up their determination and finished off that game no one would be able to take anything away from them and they would've won this series.

They've earned more respect than they're getting, but I really don't care about the respect. They should be winning this series.

So the Pistons didn't get lazy but the Sixers did?

If If If... starting to sound like 2005 Piston fans

The Sixers are trailing this series because they were looking ahead to facing Boston in the conference finals. It had nothing to do with the Pistons. Obviously.

Haha if you post this on Spurstalk they have some really talented guys that do great Photoshop with great captions.

Everyone loves a funny Sheed picture, maybe even Sheed himself.

I see... you're starting to sound like 75% of the commenters over at Need4Sheed (it's a shame Natalie has so many commenters that type in all caps and don't know much)...

Always remember though... both teams played hard

Yep, I was joking above.

Anyway, it's been an enjoyable series so far, I hope tonight isn't the last game.

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