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is this team really as dead as they look?? or are the yankees fooling with us like the last several years when they turn it on at the end. it seems like the same senerio has beed playing out for the past 3 seasons.. yanks look dead , everyone writes them off (including peter gammons and his yellow teeth) and says its the end of a dynasty and some how we pull it all together and make the playoffs. so far im not YET falling for the fact that were dead and will miss the playoffs for the frst time since 94 but it sure as hell is frustrating to watch these guys not hit day after day a rod or not i cant remember the last time the yanks were down 5-2 in the 5th and i felt there was no chance of them coming back

I still think they're just treading water, BUT, last year when they started slow they had Torre.

I was never Torre's #1 fan, but one thing he did exceptionally well was weather the storm. He shielded his players from scrutiny within the organization and he had the confidence in them to wait out bad periods of play.

I'll say this, I'd feel more confident in this situation if he was still here.

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