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, all the time

Great start, turnover and three point play

fuck me

you said it

Why can't we put Carney on Rip?

Let's just hope this is Willie Green's last game as the Sixers starting shooting guard.

I am already throwing shit

Smith in the game early. I hope he gives a couple hard fouls.

JoshG reply to Brian on May 1 at 20:23


Late fucking whistles

Empty the fucking bench. This is just pitiful. Get Lou and Carney in there right now.

I hope to see Willie Green on the bench for the rest of the night.

Kevin Ollie in the first quarter.

30-12 after 1.

Can anyone think of a good description of the quarter we just saw?

JoshG reply to Brian on May 1 at 20:40

an ass rape

Pistonsfan on May 1 at 20:38

Well, this game is doing wonders for my anxiety. I was really worried going into this one.

finally some life

Can't put into words how much I fucking hate Willie Green. I hope he never plays another game for the sixers. The one black eye on an awesome season. Most hated athlete in Philly since Mike Lieberthal!

He's almost reached T.O. level.

Mike reply to Brian on May 1 at 20:58

At least T.O. was good

Finally some life. Less than 10 at the half, that's what we need.

Any online feeds for this one? Stuck at work

yea Lou!!

God damned touch fouls. I hate this shit. Let them fucking play.

here is an online stream for the game

Here is one: http://www.justin.tv/psn_tr3s

there are more here:http://www.myp2pforum.eu/nba-basketball/20449-nba-today-may-1st-playoff-editon-streams.html

Fucking walk by Stuckey, no whistle, he hits a god damned three. This is ridiculous.


Pistonsfan on May 1 at 20:59

You would think they'd have learned to cover sheed tighter by now.

Pistonsfan on May 1 at 21:01

Here's a better quality feed for whoever was asking for one.


I have been listening on the radio. Just got out of my car. I am guessing I was somewhat lucky huh?

Extremely lucky.

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