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The only positives I have from this game so far is the TNT crew, Dwayne Wade needs to retire and go into the studio full time.

TNT guys are ripping on this sixers badddd.

Any respect I had for Wade was gone as soon as I saw that picture of him with Star Jones.

Miller seems to just be going through the motions on defense. Lazy double teams, etc.

He's had a bad game.

I wish this were a Friday night so I could drink away my sorrows

Take a sick day tomorrow.

JoshG reply to Brian on May 1 at 21:42

The best idea I've heard all night

Good foul by Reggie. Glad someone finally stopped a dunk.

Why have there been so many fucking late whistles this entire series?

Shitty refs. That was a foul on Willie, but the whistles was about 3 seconds late.

someone needs to give Mcdyss a good elbow to the face

I thought it, and I'm not proud to admit that.

Joe reply to Brian on May 1 at 21:50

I thought same thing. Especially when I thought he was coming out without a mask.

I have nothing against Dice either.

There it is.

JoshG reply to JoshG on May 1 at 21:51

way to go sammy

haha he got an elbow to the face. The irony.

That's 3 bad, contested, deep jumpers at the end of the shot clock they've hit this quarter. I just don't know how you can defend any better than that.

Joe reply to Brian on May 1 at 21:56

I guess the argument would be that some of these guys in the nba don't need open looks. They can just rise up and sink good percentage shots with a hand up on them. Sixers don't really have that right now.

Who watches these TBS shows?

JoshG reply to Brian on May 1 at 22:00

I pray to God no one

I buy the Okur comparison for Jason Smith... anyone else?

He's more athletic than Okur. Otherwise, yes.

JoshG reply to Joe on May 1 at 22:02

It would be great if it came to fruition, he needs to extend his range to the 3 ball though.

Tray reply to JoshG on May 1 at 22:04

He's not even so good from mid-range yet. I mean, he's probably shooting, say, 42% on completely open 18-footers. Kinda reminds me more of Efthimios Rentzias (remember him??)

You jinxed him, two bricks in a row right after you said that.

Tray reply to Brian on May 1 at 22:15

I don't know where you get those numbers from different parts of the field, but - oh, on 82games.com at least it says he's 35% on jump shots. That's even worse than I thought. I just expected a much more polished player from the scouting reports last year, instead he reminds me of one of those marginal 6'11 European guys who everyone used to get excited about because they could occasionally make a jumpshot and pretend to handle the ball... that was a fun era though. Back when the Suns weren't the Suns and the Mavs and Kings were the only teams that scored over a hundred on a regular basis.


colder than you'd think.

How about winning the fourth quarter? Is that too much to ask? Just give us a little something positive to think about for the next 5 months.

You think the crowd gives the Sixers an ovation when the game is over?

Tray reply to Brian on May 1 at 22:07

They ought to. Best below-.500 team I've ever seen.

JoshG reply to Brian on May 1 at 22:08

I still hope so, not for the game, but for the season

That foul on Thad needs to be repaid.

Well, sorry it had to end this way, but it's been a real pleasure following this team with you guys this season.

JoshG reply to Brian on May 1 at 22:30

agreed, I can't wait for next season already

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