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Is that 10-16 mil in cap room before they re-sign Lou and Iggy?

Yeah. They can spend that money and then sign Lou and Iggy for whatever they want. The only problem is that the money disappears immediately if either guy signs an offer sheet then the number they sign for counts against the cap right away, unless the Sixers don't match, then all the money comes off.

I'll have a long post detailing the cap situation in a week or so.

Alright man. Sounds confusing to me. I'm still undecided on what I want from this off-season.

I was one of the maybe 1000 people that were left that gave the standing O. Most people left at the start of the 4th quarter. And I don't blame them.

I was looking at the box score of the game, and saw that the attendance was only like 14,130. If that is true, it's kinda weak. I'm dissapointed more fans did not get to witness this great season.

I cannot believe how stupid we played. Turnover on the first possession and gave them a three point play and we went straight to Dalembert who turned the ball over. Then Iggy played two American Football passes and that was the start of a very bad night.

I don't think I can hate Willie Green any more and I really don't understand the man crush that Mo has on him.

It made me hopping mad we played so stupid we looked like a bunch of grade schoolers that knew nothing about basketball.

All throughout the game I had to keep restraining myself from hurting myself badly I wanted to smash everything real bad.

Every season I support this team and every year I torture myself.

Keep your chin up. Changes will be made this offseason and hopefully they're on the right track now.

What we saw in this series is exactly what the Sixers are right now. They are fast, but they aren't always going fast in the right direction. They are remarkably resilient, but that doesn't mean they don't get rattled. The crank up the pressure on opponents, but also on themselves. They make great plays. They make horrible plays. They are emotional, which leads to thrilling wins but also big letdowns. Above all, they are young.

A lot can happen this off-season, but that doesn't necessarily mean a lot has to happen. Clearly, an upgrade at the 2 guard spot is needed. (I'm liking Brian's Mike Miller idea more and more.) And sure, it would be great to get a low post scorer. But for a young team with good chemistry, continuity counts for an awful lot too. You can make the case that almost every major piece of the team's roster is likely to improve next season: Young, Williams, Smith, Carney, and Iguodala. Only Sam, Reggie, and Willie have maxed out their potential (for better or worse).

In 2000, the Sixers were coming off a 49 win season, and made no major off-season moves. They were crucified in the media. Then they raced out to a 41-14 record with that same squad. (They were a modest 15-12 after the Theo-Dikembe trade.) Continuity matters.

I absolutely don't want to see anyone from the young core leave (I don't consider Willie to be part of the young core), but I do want to see an addition or two. Of course, you have to take the team chemistry into account. Given the choice between no moves and a bad move, there really is no choice.

The list of players not to touch with a 10-foot pole is more important than the list of guys I'd like them to bring in.

I just read on Hoopshype that our cap as of right now for 08-09 is 34 mill with the cap probably being around 57 mill. Isn't that 23 mill we got to spend and then re-sign Andre and Lou?

That's the starting point, then you have to add in the cap hold numbers for all restricted and unrestricted free agents.

Mainly, Iguodala and Lou. Basically, a cap hold number is a decided by a formula, based on where the player was drafted, which takes their salary this year, and multiplies by a certain factor. So in Iguodala's case, his cap hold number is something like $8M. I have the exact number somewhere. Lou's is in the $2M range, I think.

Ollie would count against this number as well, but they're going to renounce him so his cap hold number comes off.

It's way too complicated, but in a nutshell, the cap hold numbers count against the cap until the player either signs with the Sixers, signs an offer sheet from another team, or is renounced (cut). So you can subtract probably $10M from that $23M figure.

so we can only sign 1 person for like 13 mill?

Unless there's a trade or a sign and trade, yeah. It's even more convoluted than that, though. If it's a restricted free agent you sign, you have to be able to fit the average salary of the entire contract under your cap. If it's an unrestricted FA, then you only have to be able to fit his salary for this upcoming season under the cap.

I'm sure this will be great. Getting spanked by Detroit after leading the series will get them hungrier for next year.

Maybe it's not a fair comparison but it sucks to see how well Atlanta are doing in their Game 6 against Boston.

All that goes through my mind is why we couldn't do the same last night.

The disappointing thing is the crowd the Hawks had. 14K in philly for game 6.

I agree that the Game 6 crowd was a disappointment. As for Atlanta, though, I think the thing to note is how the veteran Boston Celtics have absolutely melted down in two fourth quarters on the road. We most definitely did not see that from Detroit late in the series. Boston will win Game 7, but if they played the Pistons right now they would get swept, and I don't especially like their chances against the Cavs unless they get their shit together.

Just to add onto this salary cap conversation...

The cap increases on average something like 2-3 million per year now due to inflation and the like...wikipedia

So you can expect a salary cap of 58-60 million next season.

You must have 12 salaries accounted for going into the free agent signing period. If you don't, the NBA will attach the NBA minimum salary per player under 12.

That 34 million dollar number accouts for 8 total players. Iggy's 8.4 million has to be added. You are now at 43 and then you have to add 2 Lou Amundsons(700k each) in there and you are at 44.5 and at 11 players.

Then Lou comes into play...

If Lou's cap hold is 2.2, you are at just under 47 million, which would be 12 and change in cap room if the cap is 59.

I am pretty certain 8.4 is Iggy's hold, but I am not sure whatsoever that 2.2 is Lou's hold.(seems too good to be true) Worst case scenario, Lou's hold would be the NBA "average" salary, which is between 5 and 6 million, which would kill 3 million+ of our cap.

That is my understanding, but the NBA's restrictions and exceptions and such are all convoluted to me.

In the end, 12 million and change is my guess. They will announce the salary cap for next season in July I believe.

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