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Scott Brosius Would make a Good Neighbor on May 2 at 13:47

s'okay. i stuck around for the sixers, even though i'm a knicks fan myself. through some combination of the dark days the knicks have been going through and your excellent blogging, you even made me kinda root for the sixers this year. and i hate the sixers. you should be proud.

We appreciate your insight as always Brian, just glad to see we'll have your full and undivided attention now (at least until Eagles camp starts). As for the graphic, one word. Awesome.

Franklyn on May 2 at 15:17

As a Philadelphia native whose entire family is from New York, you have pretty much my exact allegiances - though you are missing the flyers and to a lesser extent, the phillies. Regardless, the change in season will not hamper my visitation of the blog - i enjoy your opinions and writings and such always. Take it easy!

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