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The same thing happened to the Hawks as it did to us, getting blown out badly in the last game after making it a good series.

Yup. I'm going to stop rooting for teams.

Brian, looks like our boy Narducci is stealing your thunder...again. He wants Mike Miller too.


Cut him some slack, he's only a month late :)

What he doesn't delve into is what acquiring Miller would mean to Iguodala and Thad. I guess he's assuming it would mean Thad is a PF for the next 2 years, minimum. Or maybe he thinks Iguodala is on his way out of town.

I think Thad can split minutes between 3/4. He isn't a solid enough rebounder and doesn't have enough size to play the 4 and he seems to do better defending the perimeter, something that this team needs quite badly.

Mike Miller is not just a shooter he is a team player, a solid contributor without an ego and he would have a positive effect on this team. If we fail to get a good PF I guess we could live with Daly/Thad/Iggy/Mike Miller/Andre Miller for a season. Mike Miller's contract isn't too huge and it runs out in 2 years so it sounds like a relatively low-risk move that could reap huge rewards.

I would consider Brand or Okafor or Jermaine O'Neal even more high risk because all three have had injury-plagued seasons over the past 4-5 years and all three would demand max contracts.

It was sad to see the Hawks lose but I take comfort in the hope that the Celtics will be tired facing a rested Piston team....

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