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Jordan on May 7 at 0:45

He's a player I love to hate right now, but I think I'd love the guy as a Sixer. Kyle Korver mixed with a little D and toughness. He'd fit in perfectly. However, like you I really don't see this happening.

I don't know a ton about Sasha. I know he can shoot and is an intense guy. How is his defense? average, bad, or atrocious?

What money do you see him commanding?

I could see plenty of teams offering a large chunk of that MLE for a shooter like him. Guys like Brian Cardinal, Radmonivic, Kapono, and Korver have been given pretty lucrative deals just because they could shoot.

Everything I've seen/read says he's a solid defender.

If I had to guess, I'd bet he commands a contract similar to Korver's, which I think was for 5 years, and between $20-$25M.

I think that's easier to stomach if the guy can defend and do something other than shoot threes. We'll have to see what the market looks like, I think he's a better player than Kapono, who got 4 years/$24M? That's insane.

Jordan on May 7 at 1:59

Also looking at some draft possibilities. I think Chase Budinger would be a great fit. Nic Batum would be a solid pick too. Maybe Donte Green?

You're right, I haven't given much thought to the draft but we need to look at a ton of guys. We're going to have a busy Summer.

The pick is #16, right behind Phoenix (from Atlanta).

I like this better than Smith, but I'd prefer Miller. Shooting 50% from the field on such a bad team is pretty impressive, and he's also a decent rebounder and passer. That said, you could sign both - Sasha would make a better backup point than Lou from where I sit.

Question no one is asking is how is Vujacic getting shots now and will he get those same shots on the Sixers? I don't think so even a little bit. He thrives in LA because they have 2-3 guys if you include Odom that command a double team on any given night.

At best the Sixers would have one (Brand if we can snag him) and even then no one would leave the single 3pt threat on our team open. Instead if teams need to double they would likely leave open Miller or Iguodala before Vujacic.

Further chances we get a power forward that commands a double seems a little less likely in that case we no one really commanding a double against good teams and I really question how he is getting shots. Do we want him creating his own? Money best spent elsewhere on a more well-round player.

Adding Vujacic alone couldn't be the end of the moves, obviously, but that doesn't mean they don't have a need for a guy like him.

What is the strategy though? My understanding is the team has $11M or so. That is either one big impact player or a couple more role/specialist type players - but not both through free agency.

I think it is more likely/easier to use that money to get a big-time player because I am not confident we have enough trade bait to land one that route.

I highly doubt the cap space is going to be completely used up signing free agents. My best guess is that it's used mainly in trades, and sign & trades. If they spent say $4M on a shooter, then packaged Carney, Green, Evans or someone else in a sign & trade they could still land the power forward everyone wants.

I'm not saying this is the route I'd take, but signing a shooter doesn't preclude the team from getting another piece.

One of the few players in the league that I hate. But, he's just what the Sixers need. Good upgrade over Willie, of course.

I am not a great fan of Vujacic, honestly

he's a nowayays World B. Free, he could shoot almost anything if given the chance, including towels, bottles of Gatorade, the same bench

again, you FIRST have to sign that big man capable of giving us a decent low post presence offensively, and THEN think about perimeter players, that are surely a need we have, but not our #1 priority

I think Carney, if given more minutes, can develop into a shooter just as good as Vujacic, but with better defensive and athletic skills

and Vujacic CAN'T play the point, that's like saying Willie Green is a combo guard: the fact that Green happened to play some minutes at PG (last year, not this) doesn't mean he is one, same for Vujacic

I agree I wouldn't want him handling the ball at point at all.

If we are going to get a shooter I go with Mike Miller. The dude not only shoots 50% he is a solid contributor all around and a team player that doesn't jack up shots. I could see him fitting in easily with Andre Miller.

lakersfan on May 20 at 2:56

Just to let you know Sasha didn't give himself the nickname "the machine". It was given to him by the Lakers tv announcers Joel Myers and Stu lantz. So no he is not that full of himself. His game is solid, every shot he takes you expect it to go in. Say if Sasha shot is off well he does bring other things to the table like his defense. He isn't a lock-down bruce bowen defender but he tries. You'll never see him not compete on the defensive side of the ball, he's pesky and likes to get into the face and mind of the offensive player. That's why you might see him on the court when the game matters the most. Phil trusts him that much.

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