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, all the time

not interested, not even for free

he would be the 4th SF on our roster (after Iggy, Carney, Thad), or, if you prefer, the third combo SG/SF (after Iggy and Carney)

doesn't fill any of the needings we have (perimeter shooting - low post threats), adding only skills we already have in abundance (athleticism, quickness, ability of playing two different spots, like LW, Iggy, Carney, Thad etc)

Also he's a VERY poor FT shooter, I'd say horrible for a perimeter player, and would make our pile of bricks from the line rise even more

guys, please say NO to Mickael Pietrus (LOL)

You know, I'm starting to wonder if Miller would be the magic bullet or just an expensive signing we'd regret, but Pietrus just mirrors Carney. He's farther along, but he's also been in the league much longer.

Do you think Carney will pass Pietrus eventually?

I don't want him, but there are a lot of guys we should take a look at who I don't like.

Tray reply to Brian on May 8 at 11:52

Well... no, I don't. But an extra defender at a spot we've got tons of talent at doesn't make much sense.

Im interested to see if Ed goes after Okafor. He's been talking lately about building a uptempo version of the pistons with a bunch of very good players with no superstar. He averaged 14 11 and 2 blocks last season so would give some scoring help as well as making us probably the best defensive team in the league. He is a little bit similar to dalembert but is wayyy stronger and can shut down anyone in the post. A lineup of Miller Iguodala Young Okafor and Dalmbert with reggie lou carney and smith off the bench i think would make us legit contenders. What do you think?

Okafor will be tonight's subject. Not really sure how I feel about him I need to do a little research and give it some more thought.

look forward to reading the post he's been my number one choice to go after all year with josh smith a close second

I don't really want him; you won't get enough for the money you will pay him. I am sensing a theme this off-season.

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