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Positively Damonic!!

The Giambino!

And that's the beauty of Johnny Damon!

That double over Abreu, I was getting lunch when that happened and saw it on their TV. I don't think it went off his glove but it was close. He was completely stretched out running hard so I don't think he would've been able to get it. He did go into the wall kind of hard though.

When you TiVo the games, do you just fast forward through the whole thing to look for Johnny's ABs?

If I listen to the game I'll go back through for Johnny's ABs and other plays I want to see (Like the Abreu play to see if he should've caught it).

Good to know Bobby went after that ball hard. I'm sick of him shying away from the wall.

Cam reply to Brian on May 8 at 15:02

I know, it's always frustrating to see him pull up way before he has to, like that catch that should've been made the other night when Joba was pitching. Lets just say this though, if someone faster was out there today (Gardner) it would've been caught. But Bobby still gave it his best.

Doesn't it suck to have to listen to the radio during these weekday day games? I feel like it's a recording, Suzyn and John saying the same things every game.

"That's Baseball"

Sterling I can live with, sort of. Suzyn really makes my ears bleed though. How anyone ever thought putting her on the air was a good idea is beyond me.

Cam reply to Brian on May 8 at 15:20

I'll give you John, but Suzyn is, and has always been, awful. The only good thing about having her on radio is that we don't have to see her on TV. I don't particularly like the woman they use now on the post game (the field reporter, I can't remember her name right now), but I never watched the postgame with Suzyn.

I think Robbie is starting to find his stroke, eh? Just in time to start helping my fantasy team :-)

Kim Jones. She kind of looks like a dude.

Cam reply to Brian on May 8 at 15:36

Haha, it's so true. I think she irritates a lot of the players too during her post game on field interviews.

Leave Kim alone!

Mike said, "Leave Him alone!"

Will do. Sorry.

Kim is ALL woman!

Robbie Cano -- don't cha know!

The Yankees will bet on Betemit!

First time I heard that one! Sterling can do it all!

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Sterling's Betemit call. Well...not really.

Nice thread fellas. It's nice to come here, as opposed to some of the other blogs that have more commenters, because we can actually have discussions. Sometimes on the other sites comments get lost in the mix or there are just a bunch of assholes who want to be heard. Good game, lets keep it up tomorrow!

Thanks, glad you stopped by. We'll be doing many more live blogs as the season wears on.

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