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My goodness. That'd be sick, but I definitely don't see it happening lol. How often has the number 1 pick been traded? And do we really want Shawn Marion?

I think it's remarkable how Calderon has been putting up with being second choice for so long. I am not sure how it happens but they seem to favour TJ Ford so much it's crazy.

If Miller goes Calderon would be one of the best options for a new starting point guard.

Say by some miracle this does happen. Who would you take, Beasley or Rose?

Beasley for sure. If we already had Calderon and Lou Will.

Too convoluted for me to follow really. So many different extensions and the like involved. I would do it I am pretty sure.

About Marion... I really think Marion was just a product of the system in Phoenix and would not want the Sixers to be the team stuck with the long term deal he is going to get. Marion is also selfish and wants to be a 1st or 2nd option which he is not in reality.

Yeah, there's zero chance of this happening, I was just looking around for a trade destination for Andre Miller and Miami came to mind.

I'm not sure it has to be quite that complicated. Given how well he played this season, this will sound a bit mad, but I would give up Miller for Calderon. He's younger, likely cheaper, an equally good passer and a better outside shooter. I don't know how his D stacks up, but how many top PG's defend their position well these days?

If you could sign Calderon, then Miller would be a very attractive bargaining chip. He is both a great player and a large, expiring contract. If Elton Brand were looking at the door, this might be a way to pry him loose from the Clips. They sure can't trust Livingston to play the point.

How much it's going to cost to sign Calderon is an interesting question. I mean, looking at his numbers, he is absolutely an elite PG. I can't imagine him coming cheap.

Plus, he's going to need a guaranteed starting spot, so you'd probably have to move Miller first.

For argument's sake, would you guys like the following starting lineup next year?

1. Calderon
2. Iguodala
3. Thad
4. Marion
5. Dalembert

No. Iguodala isn't a 2, he's a fullback.

Also, I don't want any part of Marion... the Heat wouldn't do that deal...

No question you would need to move Miller first. It would be hard to land Calderon otherwise, and Miller's trade value would go down once everyone knew they were trying to deal him. Either way, my guess is Toronto won't let him go - Ford will probably be out instead.

I wish it was that esay, man. That would be an awesome team. But it's not happening.

Couldn't you work out a sign and trade deal with Toronto for Caledron where they get Miller in exchange? This way Toronto has cap flexibility after next season, and a second PG to team with Ford as they have been doing the past 2 years. Makes sense to me. This would be a dream scenario for me.

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