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Matsui at first would be a mistake. Melky will get his at bats - as long as the Yanks don't do something dumb and trade him.

pokerstar17 on Jan 5 at 2:14

thank god the unit is gone!!! Now please sign the rocket he's a shoe in for 20 wins with the yanks offense , and a sure number one playoff starter over wang the depredded fan is wrong about that one.. as far as the mientcewitz (or however u spell it) rumors that is a horrible horrible deal he cant hit a lick and is an ok glove why cant giambi and phillips split time why the F do we need a scrub like him..oh well hopefully by the summer i can be back in ny and in the bronx where i belong rather than running from my bookie... take care ... btw i got knocked out of a huge tourney with aces last night losing to a 4 card flush.

don't sign rocket. we don't need any more old guys who miraculously get stronger as they enter their forties and their skulls grow larger. (allegedly)

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